When packaging your mod there is a fairly strict set of rules you must follow as far as folder order, and necessary files.

For this example you will be packaging your map called MyMap. First package your map in a ZIP folder called MyMap.zip. In this zip should be the following:

Files you need:
modinfo.txt - contains all your info.
init.cs - contains the files you need to exec
data/missions/mymap.mis - your mission file in data/missions/ within your zip file.
data/terrains/mymap.ter - your terrain file
data/interiors/ - all your interior files

... you get the idea. You absolutely need modinfo.txt and init.cs, even if init.cs says "echo("Hello, World!");".

Naming Conventions:
You absolutely MUST keep your filename the same as your mod name. If your mod's name is "Files Here" then your ZIP file must be called "Files Here.zip".

Follow folder procedures setup throughout Freebuild, and you will be all set.
What about the map's textures? Shouldn't those be forced to be included as well?
Indeed, hence the "you get the idea". Put all the things you need in your mod, according to the predetermined folder structure.
Please also include any datablocks that your map requires. Check out the format for datablock usage in the Star Wars and Castle content packs.
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