We played a number of well-attended and awesome matches tonight. Screenshots of the results (click for full size)

I agree, it was epic. VCTF is always fun to play defense and kill all guys nonstop.

I find it interesting how playing CS:GO really trains you for sniping heavy tasks, even in other games. Even though I haven't played a full game of UT in months, I managed to get 15 kills in a row using the sniper rifle, something I never managed to do back when this was the only game I played.

can't wait to get home and do this again but with decent framerate >.>
We have a new ArenaMaster version with lag compensation now! Us west coast users can now rejoice!

For player vs. player ArenaMaster, should we use translocators? My personal opinion on the matter is no, to correspond with most AM servers and the general cheapness of translocation. Others, please voice your opinions!
I'll vote the dissenting opinion. I feel like translocators add a fun dimension to gameplay for non-[V]CTF matches. I vote in favor of translocators for AM, and to keep no translocators for TAM, Freon, and [V]CTF.
There should be another day for planned UT2004 matches with tons of players at some point. Those were fun.
Do you guys want to join us in the best first-person shooter game ever created? Unreal Tournament 2004 is only $2.50 today on GOG! How can you resist?
*bump* If I re-enable connecting to the UT master server, will that *ahem* inconvenience any of our current players?
KermMartian wrote:
*bump* If I re-enable connecting to the UT master server, will that *ahem* inconvenience any of our current players?

Why not? We would hardly notice it, and basically every other server does it.
Maps maps maps! Lots of map suggestions from myself and Spazite!

Some must-have maps (please get these):

Spazite suggested these:
Spazite wrote:
Suggested maps:

Recommended, but could not find:
  • DM-1-on-1-Walls
  • DM-1on1-Gael-2nT
  • DM-Chthonic
  • DM-Mystiq (can't recall if this was a good one)
Just for fun, I created a GameTracker clan page for the [Z80] clan most of us use on Unreal Tournament 2004. You should join:

On the first night of competitive ArenaMaster, we got 8 people online. Is that a record?
CVSoft wrote:
On the first night of competitive ArenaMaster, we got 8 people online. Is that a record?
I think we've had at least 8-10 in Cemetech's heyday, but that's still awesome. Thanks for bringing the users here! We look forward to interacting with them more.
Steam has UT2004 on sale for $5.09!
Still Windows only, which is lame. I have the game on OS X but the install CD no longer runs under Mac because Rosetta is no longer supported. Sad times, especially since I have a computer that's more than capable of running it now.
Steam has UT2004 on sale for $3.74!

UT2004 runs on Linux, and might work in Wine.
#cemetech wrote:

[02:31] <+Jonimoose> ~utgog
[02:31] <DoorsCS> http://www.gog.com/game/unreal_tournament_2004_ece
[02:31] <+Jonimoose> ^ currently $2

Grab it while it's hot!
I was exploring the files on hard drives I had laying around before I formatted them and found this game already as an App. So, I'm currently moving the game and associated files (30 maps, a game mode, mutators, etc) to one of my NAS units. So, hopefully I'll know if it's playable by tomorrow. Just thought I'd let y'all know now cause I'm really excited to play again!

Next Day Update: macOS is saying it's unplayable but it could be because it's an 11GB executable on a network drive. So, copying it to my computer now.
IRC wrote:
<debrouxl> FWIW, UT2004's currently on sale at GOG, https://www.gog.com/game/unreal_tournament_2004_ece .

Grab a copy for $2.49 and join Cemetech for some fragging adventures!
I might join you sometime once I get my Mac Mini G4 set up :3
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