We here at Cemetech have been planning a grand Programmers' Convention in NYC for July 2007. Let's resurrect the plans we had made here. We talked about having our convention over a weekend, and of course we'd need a keynote speaker on Sunday to talk about something related to graphing calculator programming. Saturday might be presentations of various revolutionary projects in progress. What else did we have?
hmm... what are the odds of getting the CEO of Texas Instruments?
Lemme think. 0 to 1 against. Smile
oh come on... be an optimist...
Seriously, I think he probably has better things to do. Plus, even if he agreed, the speaker fee would be way more than we could afford.
Um, wasn't the date set for June, not July?

Oh, and I may be moving to California next summer...
Oh, was it June? OK, we'll go with that then. And we had figured out some of the possible costs, but I don't remember those. Sad Why might you be moving to California?
we agreed transport would be under $10 a day, depending on what we were doing... (i think you said it was 1.50 for a bus/subway ticket?)
$2.00 now, but yeah. As long as you don;t mind random searches:
what? would i be arrested for being from the southland?
Laughing No no, it's just because of the London stuff yesterday.
i know... it was on the news... they mentioned the searches in NYC...
And because of those bombings, the Anarchist's Cookbook was shut down Mad

Sad Why might you be moving to California?

I told you guys about this like six months ago...remember? Silicon Valley? My Dad's Promotion?

What's funny though is that they just recently announced that they were actually building the place last month, and it wouldn't be finished until next summer. My family and I are going to visit this winter to check the place out.
That's cool. It would be a permenant move though, right? That would kinda suck for you, leaving behind all your friends and all.
No not really; I've moved around so much in my life it doesn't really affect me anymore...as for friends I have only a few, and all of them go online frequently, so that wouldn't be a problem. Actually, one of my friendws is going to join me in California when he finishes high school Smile
Ah, that's cool. It must be weird to move all around, I've lived in the same place all my life.

In my town, there is a building called the Saluda Inn, which can be rented by the week or weekend. I propose we move the convention here (the town is less than a quarter mile away)

Transportation can be arranged through:
.....Asheville Intl Airport (AVL)
.....Greyhound Bus Lines, Hendersonville

this building can be rented for $1375 a weekend, and we can accomodate 50 people...
If we can get 50 people, it would be $27.50 each for the building.
exactly... and thats affordable. if anyone has a reason they wont be able to pay that much, i'm sure i can cover the difference...

i also contacted the owners, asked if i could get a discount since i live next door and im asking 2 years in advance Razz
Yeah? What did they say about that?
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