1097: your primary language is basic
1098: your second is English
1099: your learn ASM in Spanish class
1100: your still measure data in bytes
qazz42 wrote:
1096. You jailbreak a ps3 with a TI-84+SE
Get real. Rolling Eyes

1098: You can name all the getkey codes and corresponding keycodes for every model of calculator you own.
*That was 1101

1102. You think this one should be 1110, not 1102.
1103. Only an emulator that can emulate four simultaneous calculators is enough for you. Two is definitely far too few.
1104. You've ever come up with an idea that would make calculators better than even modern computers for [something].
Rhombus P. wrote:
1090: you know that there are Strings on your calculator
1091: you use them every day

1105: You abuse them every day
1106. You're an epic necroposter on a calc forum
1107. You don't think that's necessarily a bad thing.
1108. You lost the game.
1109. You're backin up backin up backin up backin up
1108. You lost the game.

NOOOOO!!! i hadent lost that in 3 months Sad
1110. Calculators have made you believe that the 80* / *80 architecture it just about the best ever
1111. You use the [Z80] tag when playing multiplayer games (if you don't, you should!)
1112. You do your math homework using binary to mess with your teacher.
1113. You have a notebook full of ideas for programs that you will never create.
1114. When your little brother asks for string for a school project you ask him which one.
1115. You would spend hours creating a hentai game for your calc, and then delete it cuz its dirty.
1116. When mother asks you why you spend so much time on your calc you just go back to your command center and ask her for more pizza bagels.
1117. You take your calc on college tours with you just to show people how amazing you are.
1118. You laugh at the people who laugh at you for doing this.
1119. You can draw better 8bit Sprites on your calc than you can draw in real life.
1120. Your still wondering when someone will create an ASCII Batman symbol so you can display it with pride.
1121. You cry when you see Syntax Error.
1122. Kerm Martian's Video for DCS7 excited you beyond reason.
1123. You'll spend 34762093 hours on a program for a contest but wont spend 1 hour doing history homework.
1124. You've tried to create a website for programming but it ends up as a faill.
1125. You Use To Capitalize Every Single Word You Typed Until GrammerNazi And Ultimate Dev'r Threatened To Break Your Shift Key. (Cemetech Specific)
1126. You have a command center (bonus points for 2 or more monitors arranged around you)
1127. At a college open house / orientation session, you were offended that among the honors of the students present mentioned, "world's most prolific graphing calculator programmer" was not among them.
1128. You draw better pixel art than you can sketch by hand.
1129. You are a grammar or spelling stickler, even if the medium is calculator programs or text messages
1130. A girl saw you type "Homecoming?" in your calc, said yes, and then got angry when she realized that you were asking the calc.
1131. Your calculators have anthropomorphic names (KeithJohansen, I'm looking at you...)
1132. Anyone has used the phrase "gotta catch 'em all" in reference to your collection of calculators
1133. Your collection of calcs listed above will someday have a copy of tifreak8x's Pokemon Purple.
1134. You have a plaque in your command center that says "Infinitely Badass Calc Programmer" because mother made it for you.
1135. Your command center consists of at least 2 computers, a batman cape, a picture of the pyramid of cemetech tyranny, a copy of UT2004, a star wars poster, and Legos.
1136. Even if you have never played UT2004, you know it better than the back of your hand.
1137. You looked at your hand and said, "hey, thats new!"
1138. You have a t shirt that says I can see your tan line that has a graph of a tangent.
1139. You've ever posted on Youtube videos of calc feats like "hacking a computer with a calculator" or "running Linux on a calculator" explaining in patient detail why the video is fraudulent.
1140. You've ever hand-embroidered the logo of a calculator website onto a bag, backpack, or article of clothing
1141. You've ever run across a random key from a calculator in your room.
1142: you have made a program that generates random answers, and put it on someone elses calculator
1143. You've made a program that randomly adds 1 to every third calculation, but decided not to release it for fear of misuse
1144. You find an animated sketch of a ram jumping over a fence to be the most entertaining visual pun you've seen in years.
1145. You no longer have any I/O cables that haven't been butchered for some sort of project or other
1146. When someone asks you if thats a flashlight in your pocket you reply, No, Just My Calc.
1147. You created a program that adds 1 to EVER calculation for a friend and then ended up having them get a D on thier math test because they forgot to remove it.
1148. You are writing a program to display multiple pictures on a screen in window views but aren't telling anybody yet because you don't want to ruin the surprise.
1149. You just ruined the surprise.
1150. Ultimate Dev'r still scares you at times.
1151. If your on vacation you still have to look at Cemetech on your phone, even if you don't have an unlimited data-plan.
1152. You want to make a wallet calc, but suck at hardware projects.
1153. Even if you're away from your computer for 12 hours at work, you still have to check Cemetech on your phone
1154. Your desktop backgrounds from the last five or ten years have all fallen into one of two categories: your significant other, or calculator projects
1155. You have started/maintained/participated in a programming group (I think this covers most of us. I mean a team of programmers rather than a community like Cemetech or Omni)
1156. In the shower, you sing "My Calc's Bringing Sexy Back."
1157; You have all of Rick Astley's songs in MT3 format on your calc.
1158. You've ever taken your calculator to calc-unfriendly places like beaches, restaurants, pools, etc.
1159. You have any songs in any formats on your calc
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