My laptop I am using right now has a damaged touchpad that decalibrates itself really quickly. It detects your finger when your finger is still about 1/4 inch away from the surface. So it is really hard to get it to go somewhere on the screen. I usually use tab and arrow keys to do stuff on the laptop, or find an usb mouse.

I found a usb mouse. I am brilliant too. Wonder what the Idiot Test 2 will be...
alex10819 wrote:
Seen it. That's just terrible. Razz
If they didn't call that guy Brian, I'd ask if it was you Very Happy


1 word: Totally. Fucking. Awesome.
Kllrnohj wrote:


1 word: Totally. <font color=red>censored</font>. Awesome.
That was slightly more than one word, Mr. Cool Filter Bypasser. Can't say I found that video totally amazing...

I'd call that random.
I'd assume that's very good? Well done.
alex10819 wrote:

I'd call that random.

What song is that? (as in, where did you get it so that I can kick your ass in it Razz )
Radiohead - Creep

It's from Rockband Very Happy
Psh, Rockband songs are way easy. Rockband on "Expert/Amazing" is like GH3's Hard. Not to mention FoF in generally is easier than either Rockband or GH as it is much more lenient and forgiving, and it has a ton more hammer-on notes than either rockband or GH.

Edit: Smile (I've since gotten farther in Expert career - but on my roomates PC version, as my Wii version is at home due to a lack of TV here at my dorm) We've also started working on Through the Fire and Flames on Expert Co-Op, and managed to get about 80% before failing - so freaking close >.<
FoF in general might be easier, but I've noticed that ever since I installed RF mod, my HO/POs have gone away. Kinda changes the difficulty a bit, eh?
alex10819 wrote:

Old news. Hehe, this one gets a wtf how did you do this:
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