well I'm working on a science project for school so I decided to make a 3D model of a cell, here are some screenies so far:

EDIT: I've got some more renders, now the cell has mitochondria!!
Very very nice, what is your CAD / rendering suite of choice?
Blender, with it's internal renderer
Oh my gosh...once upon a time I read a Blender tutorial, and I could do some stuff for a while (not the rendering)...but my first CAD encounter was Autodesk Inventor, so it's really hard for me to use anything but that.

Except it won't run on my computer...no clue why, the process starts all right, but no splash screen is shown and no window opens; it just sits there taking up memory. I've tried starting it and leaving it alone for a day, nothing happens.
I finished the project, here are some more renders:

EDIT: oops, I forgot one:
is that rough endoplasmic reticulum I see in most of the pictures? the tan ribbon thing with the red balls?
Very nicely done, I'm quite impressed with what you can do with Blender.
Will_W wrote:
is that rough endoplasmic reticulum I see in most of the pictures? the tan ribbon thing with the red balls?

yes it is. the one without the red balls is the smooth endoplasmic reticulum.
@Kerm: thanks! but I'm an amateur. take a look at this site, it's where the true blender masters lurk.
I <3 Maple. Just finished the first of several labs for the year in my Calc 3 class. We'll be finishing up with seashells, but for starters here are the easter egg and styrofoam bowl that my partner and I had to render using only implicit function plots.

Take a shot at how many functions (and what sort of functions) I used for each render. Because they defined by functions these are really smooth curves, and I could have gotten much higher-poly renders if I hadn't been working over Citrix and having to wait for another machine to do the rendering for me. Jacking up numpoints by repeated orders of magnitude is bad manners on a shared resource Wink
Very nice, elfprince; can't say I know the functions offhand, but I'm intrigued at the detailed, regular pattern along the rim of the first function. Smile
@elf nice work, we aren't going to be doing any of that in my calc 3 class as for how many equations were used I'd 3 or 4 with the Bowl and you should only need 2 for the egg, though it might be possible with just one.

In my general engineering class we've been having to learn how to NX6 which from what we've done so far is very similar to solidworks it just take twice as long to do anything with it, hopefully I can figure out how to do renders with it. If not I'll be installing Solidworks on my laptop and i'll just use that, or I could learn how to use Blender.
The bowl's 3. Unfortunately Maple fails at rendering inequalities, so instead of using an actual disc we had to use a VERY oblate ellipsoid. The actual bowl section is truncated cone, and the rim is the top 90-degree section of a torus. The egg is just 2 truncated ellipsoids. In both cases, the functions describing the models are scaled to match the physical object they're based on. The only one we're not quite sure of is the rim of the bowl, but it's the closest we could figure out with the time we had.

Eeems wrote:
Blender, with it's internal renderer
Nice ones, Jimmg! I missed those when you posted them a few weeks ago.

also, love your quote of me Razz
Thanks guys Razz
The Wayward Pigeon Explorer

and some jet engine

last one is with blender
I haven't modeled anything in a few months so I thought I'd start with something new. Rendered inside Blender 2.5 internal renderer.

834 polys including small chamfers.

1 hour of work and 39481 polys later.
Very impressive! May I ask how you did the tire, exactly? I assume something like create tire shape, create cutouts, clone then in a circle, then subtract?
What I do is create one half of the tread then use an array to duplicate it over 70 times then use a curve modifire to curve it into the cylindrical shape then mirror it over.
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