I used to pronounce it SEM-tek, that "E" after the "C" was very misleading Rolling Eyes
Like seem'tek? Thats an interesting way to pronounce it, never thought of that way.

But yeah, when I first joined Cemetech, I pronounced it seh'meh'tek. I still pronounce it that way often, I just can't get myself to pronounce it correctly. I often times catch myself having to correct the mispronunciation of the Cemetech.

seh'meh'tek FTW!!1! lol

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Haha, me too. But it's KEH-meh-tek, fr'real. Smile
DJ Omnimaga always spells it cemtech, it is rather easy to miss that last E Razz
I don't know Kerm, I think you are saying it wrong there.:p
Pseudoprogrammer wrote:
DJ Omnimaga always spells it cemtech, it is rather easy to miss that last E Razz
He does that on purpose, since he pronounces it "SEH-MEHN-tek", like Cement-tech.

A break through resulting in Cement-Tech!

There have been reports of major technological advances in ... cement?

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There was some discussion of pronunciation in chat yesterday when Cars and Ice Cream asked the question answered by both this topic and the site homepage since at least as early as 2006.
LogicalJoe linked to the audio file from the thread's first post and arguing about how to write it in IPA followed, which led me to improve the pronunciation guide on the homepage to use the IPA that was arrived at, and to add the audio. As a result, you can now find these on the site homepage:
https://www.cemetech.net/ wrote:

Bonus chatter: getting the speaker icon in the text to appear correctly took a little bit of doing. The codepoint U+1F50A SPEAKER WITH THREE SOUND WAVES illustrates "play a sound" nicely, but the default presentation on most systems these days is as a little colored pictogram, like this: 🔊. At least on my system, this isn't very visible given how we style text on the site so it's much nicer to use a flat-colored glyph instead. Fortunately, Unicode specifies a way to use flat-colored glyphs instead of full-color emoji by using U+FE0E VARIATION SELECTOR-15 (VS15) or -16 (U+FE0F) to force full-color emoji presentation. The nice easily-readable version pictured above adds a VS15 after the icon to force text presentation rather than emoji presentation, as specified by Unicode TR15§1.4.3. Thus, 🔊︎.
Thanks for this change, Tari; perhaps it will help fewer people be confused about the (nonstandard) pronunciation. I do note that on Chrome on my recent version of Android, both speaker symbols look like the same multicolored pictogram.
Yeah, I see the emoji presentation on Android as well. I think this is a font support thing: I'm guessing Android doesn't ship a text presentation version of that glyph, since I do see the text presentation on Windows.
Just thought I'd leave this old meme here:


Was a lot of teasing that has gone on with the name Cemetech, all in good fun. :p But I felt this thread would be appropriate to share it in.
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