Compiled and put into the included media. Smile I estimate a release @ tomorrow morning if no bugs are reported.
Ok, I just got a hold of some 2.5mm headphones and listened to the demo files, I must say: THIS IS FREAKINS SWEET

My suggestions are:

If you open up an archived document, unarchive and rearchive when exited.

Hmm... I had some other but thats about it.

Btw, is it possible to use mt3 functions like you can use DCS mouse functions? GUITAR HERO WITH THE FUNCTION KEYS ANYBODY??? That would be a poty nominee at least...
Has anybody found a reliable program that converts WAV files to MIDI? If so, then Kerm could probably include it with his MIDI to mt3 converter for a WAV to mt3 converter. It'll probably be as popular, if not more popular, as RealSound.

I am confounded: where is the beta you are all talking about?
Random people have been IMing me, asking for the beta, and I've been fairly generous with it. I might as well post it up here.

mobileTunes 3.0 Beta
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