good points, when you think about it, it is the issues that count. Remember, don't go on what they say also, but what they have done in the past.
you have a point, but then again, a lot of people vote without facts anyways, and you don't get a true view of what people want unless a majority of them vote. In my opinion, if you don't vote, you can't complain really about what is going on.

People who don't have a clue about what's going on don't have a right to complain either.

For those of you who will be voting for a Democrat, have you considered Tom Vilsack? You've probably never even heard of him...
Ah yes, Vilsack. We've been discussing the upcoming elections in AP Government some lately, and we did discuss him. The general feeling is that he won't get support though, because he is an outsider, and nobody wants to vote for an outsider. He could be the best potential president in the nation, and the odds are he'd never even make it on the ballots of more than 5 states...
But... supposedly he's never lost an election and in most elections, he's come from behind to win.

But then again, no one in Iowa is voting for him. Razz
Just an update, Vilsack dropped out of the race, insufficient funds... Razz
Sorry for the DP, but it's been more than 24 hours....

I've changed favorite candidates. Just for kicks,
So, anyone have any new thoughts on who you feel like voting for?
well, I don't know much about the republicans, but from the democrats, I like Obama.
Romney-McCain '08
My candidate
My not-really-a-candidate
Personally I don't think the Democrats are very strong this year. Hilary Clinton is popular but I really do not believe she is popular enough to win. Obama is strong but also not strong enough to win for president, I believe. If someone is going to take it it is probably going to be Giuliani. By the way I normally root for the Democrats, but this time its a little wierd.
I disagree, I think that Obama is more than strong enough

It was just a couple weeks ago that the candidates released their campaign earnings for the first quarter... Obama raised 25 million. That's 1 million short of Clinton... who had to contribute $10 million of her old senatorial campaign earnings... So she really only raised $16 million.

Obama is leading the campaign earnings race so far...
I had not seen those numbers. I am very impressed by the fact that Obama could raise so much money like that. I also do believe that it is very, very sad that Clinton had to put in $10 million.
Well, she didn't HAVE to, but she did choose to. And if she hadn't, she wouldn't be near Obama in terms of funds... also, we don't yet know how much of her $26 million will be used in the primary elections.
that is true.

I don't think the republicans will stand a snowball's chance with the stuff they have done since Bush got in.
rivereye wrote:
that is true.

I don't think the republicans will stand a snowball's chance with the stuff they have done since Bush got in.
Same, but don't forget the staunch idiocy of the majority of the Nascar belt.
Hey, I live in the NASCAR belt, and I don't consider myself politically stupid... It's not just the NASCAR belt, it's the combination of the NASCAR a nd Bible belts... put them together, and you find your average beer-drinkin, nascar watchin' redneck...
I have always been pretty conservative, but I hate some things about (some) conservatives: Wink
1. Religion-- uber-conservatives think you can't do anything because it might tick God off. If God does exist, do you really think he'd care about us? The earth is an insignificant speck of dust compared to the Universe as a whole. And I really hate the people who think they won their soccer game because they prayed and then Jesus helped them out. And religion leads into several other things, like...
2. Stem-cell research-- "Hey everybody, let's not help people who are suffering because God wouldn't like it."
3. Evolution-- "According to the Bible, the earth is 6000 years old. Also, God created man in his own image. So evolution is wrong." So, um... where's the proof that the Bible is right? There's extensive scientific proof for evolution. Oh... sorry... I forgot that the proof for the Bible's correctness is right there in the Bible itself... how could I have missed that?
4. Unregulated big business-- "Hey everybody, let's destroy the environment because a few rich guys need to make a few extra bucks." I'm definitely a capitalist and don't mind if people are uber-rich, but making $5 extra at the expense of posterity is ridiculous.
5. Lack of open-mindedness-- "The Bible tells us everything we need to know, so who needs science?" Not that all liberals are open-minded either, as they can be just as militant as any conservative.

Now for some things I hate about liberals:
1. Equality-- "Everyone is equal because the Declaration of Independence said so, and 250 year-old documents are our god." Not everyone is equal. Inequality shouldn't be based on the color of your skin, but it should be based on certain other factors. It's an obvious fact that some people are idiots. Some people are fat and nearly have a heart attack walking down the hall at school. Some people have brains that function properly, but they are too ignorant to use their brains to do something productive. They'd rather be lazy and waste valuable resources that could be going to advancing society. Is it fair that these clearly unequal people deserve to vote and decide who will be running our nation? Most of them don't vote anyway, but they shouldn't even have the opportunity to screw up our country more than it already is.
2. Welfare-- People who don't do anything productive don't deserve money. It's that simple. How many people do you see who you know are on welfare, but are wearing expensive (not necessarily nice-looking) clothes and listening to rap 'music' on their iPod? Obviously, spending your welfare check on a sound system for your car that costs more than the car itself is a productive use of taxpayers' money.

Some things depend on the situation, like...
Abortion-- Conservatives get all bent out of shape because a crack baby is getting aborted, yet they support capital punishment. I support capital punishment too, but if the mother wants to get rid of that crack baby now, that's one less execution we'll have to spend money on later. Liberals, meanwhile, claim that abortion should be a choice. I have a better solution: it's called a condom. The richy-rich girls who go out and get knocked up shouldn't be allowed to get an abortion simply because it's more convenient than having the baby. If nothing else, they should be forced to have the baby as a means of punishment. If you can't handle the responsibilities of having a baby, don't get pregnant. There are other better forms of birth control out there than abortion.

So basically, I would support a candidate who is not Giuliani.
Well, do you realize that, at least in NC schools, teachers can't legally teach anything except abstinence?

Sadly, most people don't follow it... they choose to have sex, and because they don't really know about the alternatives, they don't use condoms... Sure, they know they exist, they're just not worried about it.

Also... don't blame everything on people being fat. I'm fat. Doesn't make me stupid, doesn't make me more of a health risk. I eat healthy foods in moderation, it's just a genetic problem... doesn't mean there's anything wrong with me.
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