How many presents do you expect?
Are you kidding me? NONE!
 18%  [ 3 ]
1 or 2
 12%  [ 2 ]
3 to 5
 18%  [ 3 ]
5 to 10
 43%  [ 7 ]
greater than ten, and they are all expensive =D
 6%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 16

I just wanted to wish everyone a merry Christmas =D

Once you have gotten your presents post what you got up here for the rest of us to druel at Wink
Thanks mate! I hope you have a good 25th, or Chirstmas if you celebrate it!

I will certainly post my list of presents =D

5-10, I expect greater than 10 actaully, but not all are expensive... so 5-10 works... we have like 50 presents under the tree... sheese, for 4 people >.<
Yes, Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

I will post what I get also.

Also, all members must have at least one post tomorrow morning, or I will hunt you down Just Joking
So far I got a $20 gift card from Target from my aunt and uncle, and $35 cash from my grandparents Very Happy
I expect 4-5 books, gw nightfall ce, some other small things, and a $1000 check from my Grandfather sometimes this month, or when we drive up to see him. =P
$1000!!!?!?!?!! Surprised
$1000 sheese, greedy! =D haha.

@rivereye: Hunt me down, I dare yah!
I got 2 dogs and a dauchunt waiting for anyon trying to hunt me down =p

I am not greedy! I used it the last 2 years to go to a tech camp (yes, I get it every year), and the rest goes into my college fund. This is the first year I will use it to buy something. *cough*couwiigh*cough* Razz
@the dogs. I don't know if they could stand up to a couple pieces of lead about .3" in diameter.
I knnow for sure Im getting macromedia studio 8 (contains dreamweaver, flash prof. 8.. some other stuff) some really strong magnets (can pick up 200 lbs I think) and random crap.
My dog needs a few of those in her skull.. seriously.. barks at everyting, super annyoing. Leafs, someone knocking, someone LEAVING... BAH! ! Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad
Surprised so cruel River
just the way I am.

back on topic.
merry christmas y'all!
some18kanal0n3 wrote:

For some reason I don't think you want to get Kllrnohj started on that... Razz
I dunno. I have strong arguments for the PS3, I'll defend it to my death! Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy (exaggeration, but pretty close)
Why will you defend it? Could it be because you wasted th $600 to buy it?
rivereye wrote:
just the way I am.

back on topic.

There's a pretty decent pile there for five of us plus the dog (probably worth 2 packages). Of course, I don't expect either of the expensive tech things there was a chance of me getting.
I could have bought a PS3 (three different times, actually) - but I don't want one

I'm expecting a Wii game (excite truck) and a wii controller - but aside from that, I have no idea Smile
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