Introducing Pokemon Purple, for the TI-83 Plus Silver Edition, a game made almost entirely in TI-BASIC, using ASCII graphics for the maps, and actual graphics for NPC interactions and battles.

I was "inspired" to create this game, as people were complaining that TI-BASIC is not capable of great things, and I wish to prove them wrong.

The game is currently in an early beta stage, as the overall game is only about 7% complete. I am hoping to be able to provide a window for TI-83+ users to get a glimpse of the Pokemon world that many people, young and old, still enjoy.

Here are some screenshots of Pallet Town, where you start your adventure:

Currently the ability to enter into buildings is not programmed in yet, hence no screenshots of the interiors are available as of yet.

The menu system is fairly easy to navigate through as you have a series of selections and you pick one. No brainer, right?

As you progress in your journey, you have 8 Gym Leaders to defeat, which you can keep track of on your Badge Card:

As you defeat these trainers, and you get their badges, your Badge Card begins to fill up:

The items system is something that I created, because of the complexity of having or not having items. So, I created this menu of it, seperated into "pockets" which help organize where things are.

The Pokedex system is still in works, though I almost have it complete. I had to design and create a scrolling menu syste for the graphscreen, which, to my knowledge, had not been done before, had not been done too well. Creating this gave me some troubles, but they have all been worked out, here is a screenshot (so far) of the pokedex system:

And after spending many, many weeks, I managed to get all the Pokemon pictures (32x32 icons) posted to black and white, hexadecimal. I use a program that was first created by me, and then severely optimized by another programmer, to take a hex value, and interpret it to display a sprite on the graphscreen, in much the same way that assembly programmers can do the same. Here is some screenshots of the pokemon:

And for the last bit that I have so far up to 12/14/2006, here are some of the NPC's that you will eventually be able to interact with:

More on the way as it is completed. Smile
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elfprince13 wrote:
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hmm, its up to 13.
The graphics look pretty nice and so do the maps. I wish i had the ability to make pixel art that looked that good.
All it really takes is practice. Also, one trick is to shrink images down in something like Paint, then trace over with a black pencil tool and then remove the rest with the white pencil tool. Perfect monochrome pixelart.
Wooooo digg front page. Good Idea Congrats Dan!

And hello Diggers!
Hello indeed. Dan's emailing me the pics that were hosted on TIFW so we can get those back up.
Shock Talk about crazy... That was fast! (and the 300 + users is amazing!)
0.o Wow, this is really neat. Nice one Dan! I have a feeling we might be seeing some more users soon. Very Happy
All but the last image fixed by mirroring from TIFreakware to Cemetech.
Thanks guys. Smile

Someone is saying that it will never get completed... Let him know that I have every intention on seeing this through. Wink

Also, I am working right now to find paid hosting that is actually worth something...
Dugg. (Ha ha ha ha ha ha, 10,000 words!)

Make that 9,999 Very Happy
Very Happy Only one more digg to reach 800... Smile
801 diggs! Very Happy Good Idea
hehe, it is totally awesome that it got that much attention! Something I had never thought. Wink

And TIFW is now ready for any future on slaught. Wink
tifreak8x wrote:
hehe, it is totally awesome that it got that much attention! Something I had never thought. Wink

And TIFW is now ready for any future on slaught. Wink
So what monthly bandwidth did you end up with? 100gb? Sweeeet.
100?!? HA! Try 1000GB baby! Oh yeah! Razz
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