After being absent a bit, I have picked up my micro:bit again, now for wireless communication with a computer.

I am able to "send" data to the calculator using 2 microbits, one on my computer controlled via pyserial, and one on my calc, (CE PY-ed). This does however result in literal data being printed too?!

Example: \x00\x...{a few of these}{then the text, sometimes missing a character on the left or right}{then more \xNN} and sometimes a random character in there.

The text is printed fine when I do non serial to calculator or serial to seperated micro:bit

recieving data on the computer does not work at all, the .read() function always returns b'', even if the micro:bit is said to write to the serial connection.

This also works fine with a seperated micro:bit, but not with the calculator

Would anyone have an idea why?
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