,Every time i try to get cesium on my ti-84 plus ce python through the ti connect ce site, it says its an invalid file and i cant connect it to the calculator. If anyone has any help...
I think this post is relevant.
my problem isnt with chrome though, im using windows but the ti connect ce site says thats cesium is an invalid file whenever i try uploading it from the computer to the calculator
I'm not familiar with any ”TI Connect CE site" but that sounds like a web app which is probably exactly the same as the chrome app but packaged as a web site, so it probably refuses to work with protected programs in the same way.

Try ticalc.link instead.
Or ti connect ce. [ADMIN EDIT: removed link to shady-looking unofficial download site - this is the official link: https://education.ti.com/en/software/details/en/CA9C74CAD02440A69FDC7189D7E1B6C2/swticonnectcesoftware]
Are you sure that you are sending the the file labeled 'whateverthefileis.8xp'? If you try to send the whole folder or zipped file, it won't work.
I generally recommend downloading softwares on their official websites or on TI-Planet, because third-party Windows software hosting services such as Softonic, PC Informer, CNet and Software Informer often tamper with computer softwares hosted there so that they come bundled with malware, data harvesting or other malicious softwares.
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