Here's the work I've put in so far on my screensaver entry. Its coded in basic and Celtic CE. Its a starry sky with blinking stars and some falling stars. I've also created some cool circle tunnel stuff that I might share later. Other ideas are falling snowballs that create snowmen.

Blinking stars and small/large stars are good ideas. Well done.
I would recommand maybe to add a thin white line on the falling star to improve the realism. IRL we would see such a tail on falling stars crossing the deep black sky.

Looking forward to see more from you in the coming days.
thanks for the feedback. I'll work on adding a tail and maybe post some of the other stuff screensaver stuff I'm working on. I achieved the blinking stars affect by drawing random black circles over the stars instead of keeping track of each star.
This is definitely a smart idea that let save a huge amount of memory.
This is not the case with native programs/addins, but in Basic, every saved byte counts.
Here's another idea I had using Celtic Ce libraries.
Calculatordream wrote:
Here's another idea I had using Celtic Ce libraries.

I indeed get some Star Trek vibes from this for some reasons. I like the visuals. Smile

Now it looks like I need to watch the first Star Trek movie again.
Alrighty! I've added one more feature.
And here's the finished product, clocking in at around 5kb. You have to wait a while to see the cool hyperspace stuff.

Calculatordream wrote:
And here's the finished product, clocking in at around 5kb. You have to wait a while to see the cool hyperspace stuff.

What would make this screensaver a bit funny is just chucking in a red Among Us character. That would certainly annoy some people or make them laugh if they're just admiring that screensaver.
I like the visuals -- pretty! I think some anti-aliasing on the stars would make it even better.
here's a link to download this.
Here's three screenshots from my project.

I enjoy how the starry sky here has basic visuals, but enough going on that it's at least modestly interesting to watch! A little bit of color in the stars might be nice (just some spectral variance, with red giants and hot blue stars and the like) to make it more interesting though.

I wasn't able to get Celtic CE to install on CEmu with OS 5.3 (possibly my fault, but annoying), so unfortunately this opinion is based only on the screenshots but fortunately based on your description I think the screenshots provide a good representation of the experience.
Thanks for the tips and taking the time to look over this. The colored stars are a great idea. However, when your coding in BASIC every time you add more conditionals along with randInt, it considerably slows down the program. With that said, it might be possible to implement without slowing down the program too much.
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