Can I use TI-Basic to fill an array of 16-bit integers?
The math used to derive the integers would be fairly simple in TI-Basic, but complicated in ASM. Can I do the derive the numbers with a TI-Basic program and put them into an array that I can use in an assembly program?
PSA Time!

If I would have checked the TI-83/84+ system routines manual, I could have noticed that there is a whole section dedicated to routines for lists. I can make a list in TI-Basic, then use the routines in the manual to get the elements from that list and convert them from floats to 16-bit integers.

Read the manual. Its helpful.
You can probably save the complexity of needing to cooperate across language boundaries by simply doing the computations you want with the relevant romcalls. Unless you're doing something particularly exotic, the math system routines (chapter 10 of 83psysroutines.pdf) should cover basically everything.
I need a fractional exponent. I just looked through the calls again and saw that XToY is what I'm looking for. Thank you for encouraging me to look again.
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