Woah that looks incredible, especially the wavy map! Smile
I don't have a calculator handy to run this on, so I'm glad you've shared video! This really does seem to nail the feel of a demoscene program (I love the text following sinusoidal paths while scrolling!), and it really shows how much more capable the Prizm is than TI's CE line.
Prizm is definitely more powerful than CE (but much less than nSpire and HP Prime) so one can do really great things with it.

I am just afraid not so much people may be able to test due to lack of hardware.
By the way this runs quite smoothly on my fx-CG10 without overclock. It's obviously a bit slower at times but still very smooth and I had no issues. Smile
Hi All,

I am pursuing the development of this addin with the aim of making a modular program. So it has been partially rewritten to unleash its potential.

New effects have been added + new program architecture to ease the development of new modules.
Addition of a menu (with screenshots) to easily select the effect to be seen next.

Source code is available here (this is a fork of the CC26 contest addin that I keep in it final stage) : https://gitea.planet-casio.com/Slyvtt/DemoFX.

I will upload the addin in the right section.
Just added some additional effects, among them the classical and mesmerizing WormHole effect :

I need to admit I had to think a lot on how to make it manageable in real time on a Prizm.
The trickiest part was the precalculation of the displacement table at initialisation of the that took up to 30s !!!
So I made a "pre-pre calculation" on my computer and hardcoded the values to be reinjected into the sourcecode at load !! Now initialisation is a matter of few ms !! Et Voilà !!! Very Happy

I also added a DotBall effect that was very classical on the amiga scene and a full screen fire effect. For this last one, I am not fully satisfied and would like to make it more realistic, so for sure this is not the definitive edition.

Hope you like the visuals.


Looks very cool man!
Juste added some more effects :
- Bump Mapping v1.0
- Particulated Fire v1.0 (in comparison with the previous fire effect I find the new one much more realistic)

Now 23 effects have been put in the addin.
Sources are up to date on the repository, only the README.md is a bit outdated, I need to update it with the last missing effects.
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