I noticed that each time I run my program the free RAM reserved by the program is located one kilobyte higher than the previous time. At the beginning I create a variable with given name, reserve memory for it, save shadow registers and at the end of the program I restore shadow registers, delete memory and finally I delete variable, but still the free RAM is not being freed, what could be the reason for that?
P.S. I test in in the online emulator on this page and exit program by calling:
P.S.2: there is $1a00 memory allocated, so I suppose the program isn't removed from the memory after exiting it, because it's around 1 kb
If this is actually a program and not an app, you should exit by returning to the OS rather than using _JForceCmdNoChar. I suspect that could lead to some RAM not being freed, since that's the exit procedure for a flashapp.
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