I wanted to try to see what would happen if I added/removed certain parts. I'm not sure TI actually allows this, though. I couldn't find anything that answers this question online. Thank you for any answers.
There's no reason it would be illegal if you own the calculator. However, it almost certainly voids your warranty.
It's not up to TI to determine "legality." That's more to do with local and national laws. Aside from voiding your (one year) warranty, you might also get in trouble with your school if they suspect you've done something to enable cheating. You also can't use your calculator to do anything otherwise already illegal, so no building calculator-powered GPS jammers, for example.
You'll be arrested by TI-Cares if you even replace the battery with a non-TI battery.
Just Joking

I've extensively modified my calculator's hardware and even used it on exams. None of my modifications allowed for cheating (I removed my Bluetooth speaker before taking tests) and I was open to my professors that my calculator wasn't stock so my professors didn't mind.

What DrDnar said is spot on, other than voiding your warranty there's nothing TI can do to punish you legally. The worst that can happen is you get punished by exam proctors for suspected cheating on exams.
Thanks for all the replies. I'm not using it for cheating, but I just want to see how far I can go with this calculator.
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