So I just got a ti 89 Titanium and I've been surprised by how the community for it has gone so dead and at the same time how powerful it is. I've only ever used ti 84s and nspires so this 89 is a whole new world for me. I have a few questions.
1. Where can I get the newest release of the HW patch? and how do I use it?

2. What linking software do I need to send files to this calculator?

3. What os should I update it to?

4. What os/file browser should I get for it? There's a lot out there and its hard to know which one to get.

5. Does anyone have any recommendations for games/programs for the 89 titanium?
1., & it comes with a readme. I am pretty sure you just run the program.

2. TiLP can do it. TI Connect might work in Windows? Note that there is a bug in the OS that makes it sometimes not be detected at all (even by the OS, not just linking programs), in which case you might need to disconnect & reconnect it.

3. It should already come with OS 3.10 (the latest available) unless you got a very early revision. There is no reason to downgrade. (If you think 0⁰ should still return 1 instead of undef, I am pretty sure there is a patch available for that. (I mean, I made one, but I think it is available as part of the OS patching tool.))

4. The OS supports folders already, & I get by with just the VAR-LINK dialog. Integrated Desktop exists if you want to incorporate programs & not just apps into the built-in Apps Desktop, & ID Database Editor can edit which programs appear & change their icons & displayed names (although you can also use the built-in categories to filter which programs appear or make groups of them). If you want something beyond that, I do not know off hand.

5. zTetris is the only one I play, so I do not really have any other recommendations. Be sure to not archive the "tetrishs" file, although you can use CopyVar & then archive the copy.

You might also want KerNO, although if you install it, beware pressing Diamond & ON at the same time (rather than sequentially) in the OS rather than in a program, because that can make the calculator get stuck off. It allows you to sometimes recover from crashes without a reset, & it also speeds up the key repeat delay (which you may or may not want, & which is also available as a standalone program).
Thanks. I'm also wondering why it takes so long to delete things on it compared to say the ti 84 plus se.
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