Welcome back to the PotM series! We're still trying to catch up on these, so this time around, we'll be going over the best projects of May 2022. Let's get started!
  • Calculator Street Racing: A drag racing game for 84+/CE: Oxiti8 restarted development on CSRacing Deluxe this month. This involved a fairly significant amount of work, as all of the coordinates will have to be changed from the monochrome versions to get things to look correct on the CE's larger screen--not to mention the fact that everything will now be in color. Check it out on Github and give Oxiti8 some feedback!
  • CE C Toolchain and Libraries for the TI84+CE/TI83PCE: MateoConLechuga and the rest of the toolchain team released toolchain v10.0 this month, adding 64-bit math support, ellipse functions, improved optimization, bugfixes, and much more. Get the latest release on Github and give the creators some kudos!
  • Clash of Clans for the CE: Therad2 made some great improvements to this Clash of Clans clone for the CE, including adding map printing, levels, some basic animations, and some bugfixes. Go check out the thread and show your support!

  • Commas: commandblockguy created a neat tool this month--a hook that adds commas to separate large numbers on the homescreen. If you've ever been confused by a long string of numbers on your calculator before, this is the program for you. Give it a download now!

  • Elimination: An RPG inspired by Earthbound / Pokemon: Hot_Dog added some neat effects for weapons in this massive RPG this month--animations, screen shakes, and much more. They look like they'll make a big impact on the feel of combat in the game. Check out the thread and give Hot_Dog some feedback!

  • Emu8-z80: A CASIO fx-ES PLUS calculator emulator for TI-83+: LifeEmu rewrote the savestate code and made some optimizations to this Casio fx-ES PLUS emulator this month. The project looks to be a great programming exercise and could hold some appeal for people who grew up with this series as LifeEmu did. Read through the thread and give your support.
  • macOS Monterey 12.0 COMING TO TI–84 PLUS CE: ProgrammerBobSmith announced a new shell this month, which is inspired by macOS Monterey. It will feature a cursor-based interface (based on the appearance of MacOS, clearly) and a variety of helpful utilities, as well as some basic shell functionality. Be sure to give ProgrammerBobSmith some support if you're looking for a new shell to try.
  • new! 1-bit sound engine! fancy this time! (still for SEs): fghsgh continued work on a very impressive sound engine for the SE calculators, which is a full rewrite of a somewhat similar previous engine. This one features 5 channels, the ability to perform many neat effects, stereo playback, and much more. Check out the thread and give fghsgh some support!

  • Planning a USB C mod for the CE.: TheLastMillennial continued planning a mod that would replace the mini-B USB port on the TI-84 + CE with a USB Type-C port that would allow both charging and data transfer at the same time. TheLastMillenial consulted a friend (an electrical engineer) for help, and determined that it possibly could be done with the aid of some pin-to-pin connections. If you know anything about how this conversion could be done, go to the thread and give some advice!
  • S.A.M.M. - A Metroid-vania for TI-84 Plus CE: Captain Calc continued progress on S.A.M.M. this month, which is a 2D platformer inspired by the Metroid series. The additions included moving platforms, save stations, TNT barrels, and much more. Be sure to take a look at the thread if you're interested in a new platformer for your CE.

  • Unit Tool: commandblockguy started a neat project this month, which allows users to convert between different units for weight, volume, length, energy, and much more. This could be a very powerful tool for educational purposes--be sure to look at the Github and the project thread and give commandblockguy some feedback and support!

  • X-Wing 2.1 - Revival: Oxiti8 did some basic planning to port this game to the CE using CEPORT. Check out the thread give Oxiti8 some encouragement if you'd like to see this nice first-person shooter on your CE!
That's all for this month. Since Commas was the only completed project, it will win by default. See you in the next PotM!
Great work putting this together in an undoubtedly busy time for you, epsilon5! As always, it's exciting to see the project that folks were working on a bit over a year ago, as we continue to strive to catch up. I'm particularly impressed by fghsgh's sound engine: I missed how far that had progressed the first time around (and it's similar to something on my own long-term project list, so it's quite inspiring).
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