Hello Forum members,
I recently mistakenly reset the memory on my TI-89 Titanium calculator and it cleared all the programs that were originally there when I bought it, including applications such as Flash apps and apps such as Stat List editor. It also deleted a bunch of keywords in my Var-Link. Is there any way to recover these? I know that you can hook up the calculator to a computer, are these apps available to redownload onto the calculator if I do this? Is there a specific link or place where I could be redirected? Thank you for your help, I really appreciate it, especially because I am not the most tech-savvy person.
The preloaded applications are available on TI's web site: https://education.ti.com/en-au/products/calculators/graphing-calculators/ti-89-titanium?category=applications

TI-Connect is the official application for your PC to send files to a calculator. With your 89Ti you'll need a mini-USB cable to connect it. TiLP is an alternative that works on Linux if you need it, but is usually more difficult to set up so you should probably try to use TI-Connect first.
Ok Thanks, I will definitely try to get a miniusb and see if it works
Thank you! I managed to do it with your help. Internet forums are great! Very Happy
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