Hey, guys just bought a new calc. Trying to start it up and I'm getting a flashing screen that says, validating OS....Calculator will start when validation is complete. Cant seem to get passed this screen. I feel like a noob. lol
Flashing? Sounds like another defective device. Return it and request a replacement.
TI recently added a page specifically for this issue: https://education.ti.com/en/customer-support/knowledge-base/ti-83-84-plus-family/troubleshooting-messages-unexpected-results/40446
Kinda odd that three people get this same issue on a new calc purchase within one or two week span. Did TI produce a bad batch of calculators or batteries recently or something?
Definitely a whole lot more than 3.
Some people have had new revision AA calcs but that we're assembled in late 2022. The battery might have gotten very low since then and in this state, getting out of deep-sleep/ship mode and into OS validation, is apparently problematic. At least that's a theory some of us have.
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