Point is a struct with x and a y. This function is running every frame and time_ms is the time between the frames. x0 and y0 are the player x and y and are dynamic. It should arc between the two points. If x0>x1 it works great, otherwise the arc goes down instead of up, they both reach the correct ending point. Excuse my terrible code please.

I already tried reversing y and a and stuff but then it gets very unstable near the target and shoots off the screen.

Source code


Point calculateTrajectory(double x0, double y0, double x1, double y1, double time_ms, int originalX0, int originalY0) {
    double t_travel = (fabs(originalX0 - x1) / 70.0) + .1; //seconds // completely arbitrary
    double v0 = (x1 - x0) / t_travel;
    double a = 2 * (y1 - y0 - v0 * t_travel) / (t_travel * t_travel);
    double vx = v0;

    double t = time_ms / 1000.0; // Convert time_passed to seconds

    // Calculate the y-coordinate of the control point
    double control_point_y = y0 + 1 * (y1 - y0);

    Point point;
    point.x = x0 + vx * t;
    point.y = y0 + v0 * t + 0.5 * a * t * t;

    // Adjust the y-coordinate based on the height_factor
    point.y += (control_point_y - point.y) * (2 * t / t_travel) * (1 - t / t_travel);
    if(point.y >= y1 - 1 && point.y <= y1 + 1){
        point.y = y1;
    if(point.x >= x1 - 1 && point.x <= x1 + 1){
        point.x = x1;
    return point;
Why are you trying to avoid tracking the x and y velocity? The canonical way to do this would be to track the instantaneous x, y, vx, and vy of the object, and at each frame update vx and vy based on the x acceleration (presumably 0) and the y acceleration (presumably g), then update x and y (x' = x + vx * time_ms, y' = y + vy * time_ms).
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