So my calculator was saying that my RAM was too full to run a program, even though I had plenty of RAM. I decided to reset my calculator, but when I did, every single archived program was gone. I got the basic programs back, but when I try to run ASM programs it says I'm missing the Library Named FILEIOC, but to my knowledge, there is no Library of that name at I've reset my calculator multiple times both ways, but I'm still getting the message. I've tried so many times to re-upload clibs to my calculator but the message is still there. My calculator has done this before, but I was always able to fix the problem. It always gives me the memory error and I end up having no choice but to reset, but this deletes every calculator file I have. How can I fix this?
FILEIOC is in the group file, just send clibs.8xg to your calc.
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