I am trying to display an array of 16-bit numbers, of datatype color_t. I have an image dimensions 59x82 and I have uploaded the image to SourceCoder3 and I have retrieved an array of color_t under the section

Prizm/Nspire C (16-Bit Color)

However when I add the array to the code and display it using CopySprite it shows up as a black box with width 59 and height of 82


color_t sprite[9676] = {...};
CopySprite(sprite, 30, 30, 59, 82);

Here is the implementation for CopySprite


void CopySprite(color_t* sprite, int x, int y, int width, int height) {
   color_t* VRAM = (color_t*)GetVRAMAddress();
   VRAM += LCD_WIDTH_PX*y + x;
   for(int j=y; j<y+height; j++) {
      for(int i=x; i<x+width; i++) {
         *(VRAM++) = *(sprite++);
      VRAM += LCD_WIDTH_PX-width;

Here is the image I am trying to show

I am sorry if I am not being clear enough and if you need anymore information just ask Smile
Are you calling Bdisp_EnableColor before attempting to display the image? I suspect that might lead to incorrect display similar to what you're reporting.
Oooooohhhhhh, yeah thats why. I guess that the image is so dark that it all gets converted to black, thank you so much.
Using Prizm/Nspire C (1/2/4/8-Bit Palettized Color) would reduce the overall size of your add-in depending on what you're trying to accomplish.
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