Fryedsoft wrote:
I also got flamed on the ticalc ti-basic mailing list once, and I'm not even on the list. Of course their archive down for what seems to be the end of time, so I cant get the posts. Basicially, the guy flamed me for the Icon Editor I use in Icons as bloated. He was right, but he didn't need to make a specticle out of it.
It never ceases to amaze me how abusive and animated people can get towards authors who put thousands of hours of their valuable time towards making free programs, without getting paid, for the benefit of the masses.
it usually doesn't bother me anymore. As a Basic Programmer you pretty much plan for it. That particular example was just one of many I remember.

I guess in the end it did make me produce better code. His site had a optimization tutorial that was so good, that it basically changed the way I programmed in the future, and my current engines wouldn't be as fast as they are without the tutorial advice.

That being said, I knew Icon Maker existed and I purposely kept my icon editor simple, primarily because I wanted it to be as simple as possible without unnecessary features, and If someone wanted a more powerful editor than his program could fill the void. The only reason I didn't want it in Icons is because I didn't want a program I didn't control included with Icons so I wouldn't have to update Icons based on his schedule, which was almost weekly at the time, so in that sense, it was a MS decision (his post was titled "Micro$loth and Bloat" BTW) Also, when I released the Icon Editor, there was an Icons update that changed the Icon spacing to allow 16x16 icons. This was done so that it could accept icons from his program as well as mine. Apparently, he though since I released the Icon editor separately (at least at first. it's included in Icons now as a separate program) I was "competing" with him somehow, even though the Icon Editor really couldn't hold a candle to his.

In one of the rants, he kept bringing up features vs size that his program could do that mine couldn't. One of his big features was that his program could enlarge icons up to 6x it's original size. I find that funny, since the icon editor basically could do that on the fly natively if I wanted it to. So to make him happy, I made the editor smaller than his. I never once told him about it though since I wasn't going to join the mailing list just to basically fuel a fire.

Just for fun, I'll give anyone 1 guess to who wrote #10 in my "Stupid Emails" site.
if it wasnt for the fact it was for 68k calcs my first guess would be Hays
nope. I figured I'd get that guess sooner than later. Smile

I'd give out hints but it'd be too easy if I did. The age of the mail should be a pretty good hint though.
patrickD? i would be surprised as an asm programmer rarely play basic games
Nope. although they did break out to ASM later, and they were hosted on at one time (Which now appeared to go full on Super Soaker mode BTW. Maybe I should talk to Adam one of these days about the domain.) and
hmm yea about that...

I give up on the guess tho x.x
for once I actually laughed at a red new item. Razz

It's not that hard to figure out. It's a Ti-92 rpg from 5/98 their talking about. probably a good half of the RPG's for the 92 during that time are either mine or Hiryu's, so who's left...
Erm, do you mean Hiryu then? Shock I doubt that...
i should check Omnimaga archives, there was other BASIC rpgs for those i think. What about Kodi/timecr0ss from Destination Software? They made Final Fantasy Destination for 89/92
xlibman wrote:
What about Kodi/timecr0ss from Destination Software? They made Final Fantasy Destination for 89/92

you win!! Very Happy
heheh lol quite surprising of them considering how far they went (altough they went away before finishing zenith saga)
they supposedly finished it. I never played it so I don't know for sure.
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