I have a "Hub" program, from which other programs will be run using "prgm<NAME>". I am trying to hide programs that aren't run by the user, so that it doesn't clog up the Program menu.
How would I go about this? Would I need to upload the non-ran ones to archive?
Any and all help would be greatly appreciated! For a note, I'm working on the computer, then sending it over.
It sounds like you are using TI-Basic. To hide programs, you need to code in C or assembly with the CEdev toolchain.

The basic way to hide any TI file is to XOR the first letter of the file's name with 0x64
I will eventually be re-writing this program in assembly anyway, so I can do that still.
So it looks like I'll just have to wait till I move it all to assembly?

Another question, since I'm talking about it. If I want to call that program from my TI-BASIC program, how would I even go about that? Since there will be unprintable characters, I'm assuming there's some trick to running ASM programs from inside BASIC?
You can't call an assembly program from TI-BASIC directly. You need to put the assembly into its own program and then call that.

I would recommend using C instead of assembly, as there are a lot more resources for it than there are for assembly.
Let me explain this whole thing better, it might help more

I'm writing a general math function program, with a hub menu for selecting which function I want to do at any given time. I'm putting each function into it's own separate files, then calling those files from the main hub file.

I'm attempting to do it all in TI-BASIC first, then move over to ASM bit by bit, purely as a learning experience, which is part of why it's all separated out.

But it looks like there's not a way to call a program written in assembly from a program written in TI-BASIC like there is with "prgm<NAME>"?

If you guys want source code, I'll throw it on a github for better reading.
You can use Asm(prgmNAME.

If you're on OS 5.6 or above, you won't have the Asm( token in your catalog, but you can still send it over from a computer, and I believe that asmhook will cause Asm( to work again.
Sorry for late response, had some other stuff to do.

I'll work on this now, but I do still have the Asm( token, I haven't updated this thing since it was bought a few years back.

Thank you so much for the help, I'll work on getting these all going, I appreciate the help!
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