Hey, everyone! I've seen some really nice shells such as Cesium and VYSION 1 and 2 created, and I was inspired to try to make a macOS Monterey shell for the TI-84 Plus CE.

This shell will feature the following in its first release:
►WordCE (a text editor)
►standard macOS Monterey GUI
►Launchpad where you can launch the built-in TI-apps.
►File and Folder Management (this includes editing and creating).
►and any other ideas y'all can come up with!

The first release is projected to be available in September 2022. Further releases will be dealt with in their own time.

Source Code is available on TI-Planet: https://tiplanet.org/pb/?id=274307_1653156792_62d32c8b53&file=main.c

Since the code is read-only, if anyone wants to make edits to the code, please comment below.
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