I made the website an app. You can download it here [old link here]
if anyone has a problem or legal issue at cemetech with this contact me at scratchcollaboration95@gmail.com and I will immediately take it down. So, with that enjoy Very Happy .
You probably should have talked to Kerm first regarding this?
Ok hopefully he will see this your probably right 😬 I will temporarily take down the link till I have explicit permission.
I ran this in an emulator but I don't really understand the purpose. It looks to me like the app is essentially just a browser with Cemetech as the home page? It's not very reassuring that the app requests camera and audio access. I'll bet the permissions are just a side affect of GoNative, the service you used. I don't see how this is any better than adding a shortcut to Cemetech using built in iOS/Android features?

The concept of a Cemetech app isn't a bad idea and would be pretty cool to have. The admins even trolled me hard with their April fools prank years ago: https://www.cemetech.net/news/2018/4/882/_/cemetech-introduces-cemetech-mobile-app . However, I think a Cemetech app will need more than just a shortcut to the website itself Smile
Yeah, I don't really see what benefit this has over Firefox's "Add to Home screen" feature. I also think an app would be good to have if it could provide new mobile-specific features, but it would need to be more than just a web browser pointed at the regular site.
You could use Electron...
Ideas: notifications for new posts/SAX, reply from lock screen/notification center (I'm thinking iOS here), a SAX homescreen widget, a "new uploads" widget, an unread topics widget... the possibilities are endless.
Yes I agree with all of you and yes the camera and audio is a side effect of gonative. Originally I had plans to create push notifications when people replied but this was just a small part of experimenting with making cemetech an app. I got the idea when I learned how the sax popout worked. I will be researching more how to make this a more traditional app not just a copy of the web page. Yes I will also be experimenting with electron.Calc. Edit:would you want other links to open in app or in browser?
I can't stop you from putting Cemetech in a browser in an app (or, indeed, any website), but I can request that you not sell it or try to make it seem official in any way.

I think something that might be (more?) useful would be to investigate interfacing with Discord and/or SAX and/or IRC, or better yet, use the RSS feed of posts to look for posts in topic(s) that people care about for those push notifications.
Yes, I agree and will not try to make money or make it official my main motivation is to use it for myself. I will research how to interface with discord and sax. Also, I will look into the RSS feed for push notifications. Once again thanks Kerm and if anyone has any useful information please let me know. Edit: I connected the RSS feed to this discord https://discord.gg/MR6uMT2vsH if you want to check it out.
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