So I was trying to figure out how to get tilemaps working in a program for my TI-84 Plus CE. I created the tileset, and converted it using convimg. Then I made a CSV of the tilemap, and converted it with convbin. I followed the examples and docs to do what I thought would draw the tilemap, but it gave me an error on line 7 of main.c about globals. Then, I tried something else, using a .h for the tilemap instead of a .c like the example (Since I saw that in a different program) but I still seemed to get the same error.

Here's my code, if anyone could help me that would be great! Very Happy
Relevant example program:

Note the extern unsigned char tilemap_map[]; - the extern here means that the tilemap data was compiled in another file. (tilemap.c). Never put variables in header files unless they are declared extern like this - see the Coding Guidelines here for more information.
I changed it to match closer to what is in the example, but I'm still getting the error. Here's what it says:

[compiling] src\gfx\global_palette.c
[compiling] src\gfx\tileset.c
[convimg] icon.png
[linking] bin\NONAME.bin
C:\CEdev\meta\ld.alm [1488] macro ? [1235] :read? [7] C:\\CEdev\\lib\\shared\\crt0.src [531]:
        extern _main
extern? [12] (CALM)
Error: symbol ':globals._main' is undefined or out of scope.
make: *** [bin/NONAME.bin] Error 2
Is your main file not actually in your src folder, like it is in the repository? Only .c files in the src/ directory actually get compiled, so if your main function is outside of there the linker has no idea that it exists.
Alright, it looks like everything was all in the wrong places. Thanks, and sorry for my stupidity! Razz
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