Do you want Nether and End Portals in this project?
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Yes, but RAM use is an issue with my CE
 40%  [ 4 ]
Not really, but maybe later
 10%  [ 1 ]
Nope, not on my CE! Maybe a version with and without.
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Total Votes : 10

I am a new cemetech user, but I know TI Basic and am learning ICE. I am in the process of making a 3D Minecraft game. So far, all I have is menus: PLAY, OPTIONS, STORE (YES! I will be making a fully functional store!), and of course, QUIT. Play menu is not working as of now, but a pop-up screen shows. The only thing functioning, for now, is PLAYER NAME in OPTIONS. I can work on the menus, but I will need a 3D Engine in ICE for the TI 84 Plus CE.

Anyone want to help with a 3D Minecraft Engine?? Please comment and help to make a game-changing project! Thank you all!

Oh by the way, I will upload screenshots soon! Maybe an hour or so.
TheMachine02 is currently making a 3d engine in assembly, but I don't think it has ICE support yet (or maybe ever). Both BeckadamTheInventor and c4ooo are currently working on similar projects (albeit slowly), so they might be resources for you. Also please edit instead of double posting Very Happy .
ICE is powerful, but not that powerful. I know no assembly WHATSOEVER.
Ok thanks ya'll
Welcome to Cemetech! As mentioned, there's no 3D engine for ICE yet, and it's an extraordinarily hard task to make one. You may find it useful to explore simple isometric projection (instead of perspective projection), since you can draw that much more easily with simple shapes. You may even want to start with a 2D version and work your way up from there. Good luck!
Thanks Kerm. I always look forward to hearing from you. Your games are an inspiration and your games have actually encouraged me to begin programming!
a 3D Minecraft isn't possible yet, but a 2D one is. I have redone the program and now it supports texture packs, a VR Mode (simple code, but I am sure there is no VR headset for a calculator), and when and if multiplayer ever arrives in ICE, it will support multiplayer linking, and other linking features. Right now it is taking up a little over 40,000 bytes of archive. If it was in RAM it would obviously reset and poof, it's gone! But not this time! I will keep ya'll up to date as the development stage increases and updates are made. Gameplay is not yet implemented and I plan to have screenshots of the world (with a size of 80 by 80 pixels)
If you want me to make a texture pack I can. Smile
There is also the possibility of an isometric style, multi-layered tilemap that could give you the best of both worlds?

Kind of like:
Guess What...
I will release what I have so far but no gameplay is added. BTW it's in ICE. I will post a google drive link which will give you a sample texture pack. So far only Grass and Dirt is recognized and gameplay will allow all blocks to be used. Grass and Dirt will be used in the menus. IT is no where complete just yet...
MANY THANKS TO BENJAMIN PRYOR, who I used the minecraft logo as well as his textures which I will soon redo as a texture pack appvar. Please do make the texture packs for yourself if you want Smile Add them in the STORE with [Y=].
If you get a messed up texture in the main menu, press down 2 times to select STORE. Then press [trace] to set the CLASSIC texture pack
When I compiled it, the compiler crashed.

EDIT:can you post the compiled version?
Yes. It is now uploaded in
Note: The compiled version is prgmMINECRFT.
ICE Compiler v2.2.1 crashes on mine too, but I found a way to fix it: After compiling, do not choose RUN, just quit the compiler and run it from TI OS or your favorite launcher, like Cesium, etc.
I can help you with this if you want.

EDIT:love the sprites. Smile
Feel free to! Smile
what do you want help with?
If you have code suggestions, that would be great. Maybe gameplay would be nice. Any thoughts on if it looks good for now?

I will be gone for a while but message if you want to. I will see it soon if not tomorrow.
What are your thoughts for graphics of the actual gameplay? 2D tilemap style?

You mentioned VR mode? That would be very interesting.
Yes, VR Mode is used by det(1) and det(0). I found it splits the screen in two, side by side, like a VR mode, so I added it. A 2D Tilemap is my thoughts, indeed! You thought it! I need help because I want the calculator to make the tilemap as a world generator, instead of a computer. Also, the blocks inside the tilemap has to be set as the blocks you chose as the texture pack.

PLUS: New(-ish) UPDATE!!
Features (few):
- A little bit better menus
- Every time you exit options or something, the program no longer reloads resources. Instead, it only does this when you first enter the program.
- The PLAY option menu is a little better

EDIT: It is now uploaded. It is in the folder Newer Version v1.1!
Check out the google drive link posted earlier in this forum!
I noticed without the game's appvars on the calculator, the textures are not set to CLASSIC. This will be fixed soon as well as (FINALLY) working at making the CLASSIC texture pack appvar. This way, if you don't have the prgmMNCFTSPR, you can use the Classic texture pack appvar instead, so once the program is complete, you will have the full original feel of Minecraft on a TI 84 CE!
What is VR mode?
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