The TI-84+CE assembly shells page is borked gives an error 500 page.
The game levels, assembly games, assembly graphics programs, assembly math programs, assembly science programs, all of the Ti-BASIC pages for each of those, as well as the Python programs sections for the CE appear to give that same Error 500 page as well.

In fact, in a quick search around the archives, I haven't been able to find any category that does work, for any calculator--all of the categories appear to be broken. Perhaps Tari is doing some reworking of something behind the scenes? I find it very hard to believe that everything would go down at the same time otherwise.
This only affects leaf categories (those that don't have any subcategories themselves), but I'm rolling out a fix at this moment.

An update to some dependencies of the server required assorted updates to others and a bug snuck in that the test database didn't mind, but the real one refuses to allow.
Yep, that was about what I was trying to say. When I tested this yesterday, the categories with subcategories were working just fine. Sounds like this was a pretty easy fix, and the archives seem to be working as they should again. Thanks for getting this resolved so quickly!
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