I tried installing GCC4TI, but every time it fails.
Does anyone know what to do?
Linux distro: OpenSuse Leap 15.3
DE: Cinnamon. (I could try to see if it works in KDE, but probably not)
Log: https://bin.snopyta.org/?c0fe60b88254a31b#GBGrV3R3BPcDR5kxL7BcgUf2mHhvxy3Fb7bcYoshLurV
Sadly, the log you've posted contains no clue. In my IRC backlog, I see
Install script 2 gives me the error `mv: cannot stat '/home/Privacy_Dragon/.local/share/gcc4ti/libexec/gcc/m68k-coff/4.1.2/cc1': No such file or directory`

which is probably caused by a GCC build failure, in turn caused by trying to build a 15-year-old version with a modern compiler.

I guess I'll have to set up a Leap 15.3 VM / container to reproduce.

The DE has no impact on the build.
For some reason, my main computer didn't want to run Docker containers today, so I used another one, no problem.
Well, in that opensuse/leap:15.3 Docker container, the GCC4TI build succeeded for me:

zypper update -y
zypper install -y git tar bzip2 gcc gcc-c++ binutils patch make flex bison
git clone https://github.com/debrouxl/gcc4ti
cd gcc4ti/
git checkout next
cd trunk/tigcc-linux/scripts/
cd ../gcc4ti-0.96b11

BTW: by now, Leap 15.3 is an ancient version. Good for building such outdated software as GCC4TI's GCC and binutils with lower risk of the produced toolchain miscompiling code, but bad for security.
It still does not seem to work?
I should have all the required things installed. Well.... I had to install patch locally, because I don't have root access.
Might it then have something to do with that I want it in a custom directory, because I don't have root access?

Also, you say that Leap 15.3 is an ancient version by now, but that is the most recent OpenSuse Leap version.
Although I was root in the container, the GCC4TI build does not require either root access or a well-defined source directory. Easy installiation of build dependencies coherent with the rest of the distro packages does, of course, but you write that don't have root access...
Per the above, the build succeeds (twice) in a clean environment which has all of the build deps in versions coherent with the other packages in the distro, so maybe your environment has some oddity in e.g. the environment variables (PATH, LD_LIBRARY_PATH, INCLUDE_PATH, LIBRARY_PATH, PKG_CONFIG_PATH, etc.), missing build deps, different deps versions, etc.
I suppose that I can produce and upload an installation prefix for you... let me do that.
[EDIT: https://tiplanet.org/beta/gcc4ti-git-next-opensuse-leap-15.3.tar.bz2 . That's the result of the script I posted above, and edited. The build prefix was /data/prefix , but it shouldn't matter.]

My "ancient version" note was based on the fact that the commands I listed above pulled in e.g. GCC 7 (now over 4 years old, considering that GCC has a yearly release cycle with a new version released in the Northern hemisphere spring, and that the current latest series is 11) and Perl 5.26 Smile

And yeah, indeed several programs have pretty old versions in Leap...
My father prefers Leap above Tumbleweed, because Leap is a stable release and tumbleweed a rolling release.
He doesn't seem to like a rolling release because that would have more things not working or something. IDK.
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