I was wondering if anybody knew of a good graphics library for C for things like windows, shapes, standard alerts, and so forth so that I could actually make a user friendly program on-computer in C. Also, I was wondering if there were any internet libraries, so that I can access data from the web & browse with a program. Thank you in advance!
P.S. I know there are tons of things for C++, but I am using C for now.
My advice would simply be not to stick to the old C and embrace a bit of C++, thereby benefiting from its stricter typing and many other niceties missing from C, the reasons why I'm not creating new code in C and I've switched e.g. libti* to C++ Wink
Namely with Qt, which contains everything you need - and far more - for handling desktop windows, Internet communication, a Web view (QtWebEngine, nowadays), and has good theming and portability.
What's more, this will make for a better learning exercise Smile
Thank you! I think that I will finish learning C and JS, and then learn Python, and then I will learn C++. QT sounds nice, because a single sdk or whatever it is called that handles all that sort of thing would be really useful and convenient!
Are you talking about programming a GUI or are you talking about programming graphics? I know how to do both using C with the Windows API but not with MacOS or Linux. Windows, standard alerts and simple shapes can all be done using the Win32 API interface but for more complex graphics you can use something like OpenGL. Or am I completely misunderstanding the question?
Both graphics and a GUI, and internet access for things like sending and receiving files. Also, I am on mac for now (unfortunately), so Windows API probably won't work for me. But thank you anyway!
Also, I am now an advanced member!!!
In this day and age, better use a portable toolkit than make significant new OS-specific stuff - whichever the OS, even the dominant desktop OS or the dominant mobile OS Smile
There is a mac version of OpenGL. The thing about OpenGL is that you can use C and it has an extremely powerful set of graphic routines that can do anything you could possibly think of.

While I agree that most GUI apps are written in C++ and that is okay. But I personally think it is a good idea to learn to program a GUI using C not C++. This is because C++ hides a lot of the programming stuff from you. Normally, that's great, you can write programs really fast.

The thing is that if you learn by first programming in C you will learn the fundamentals of what is happening in programming a GUI so when, eventually you move on to C++ you will understand what is going on that C++ is hiding from you. Why is that important? Well, it isn't as long as everything works. It becomes important when problems occur, and they will. If you don't understand the fundamentals, it is difficult to fix the problem. So you might spend an hour or two trying to fix a problem instead of 5 minutes simply because you don't fully understand what is going on.

So learn using C then afterwards make your life easier and learn to do it using C++.
stbradley wrote:
The thing about OpenGL is that you can use C and it has an extremely powerful set of graphic routines that can do anything you could possibly think of.

Most of the supporting libraries for OpenGL such as GLM (which pretty much everyone uses) depend on C++ though. OpenGL doesn't even have much in the way of user GUI interaction -- if you really want to go down this route, you should use SDL2.
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