I'm not sure if this is the right forum section, but I think it could be since the "Most popular games" article is one of the front features of the website.

Anyway, I was looking at the article the other day and I noticed it was posted in 2017. I was thinking that there have been a lot of new games made since then, and that it might be nice for an updated one to be made, perhaps even one where there was a type of poll so that users of Cemetech could vote/submit some of their favorites. It could be that the games on that list (most likely so) are still the most downloaded, but I think it would be nice to see what games people like the most themselves. i.e. a game from 2016 will usually have more downloads than a game from 2020 even if more people like the game from 2020 because it is older and has had more time to accumulate downloads.

Disclaimer No. 1: I have nothing against the current games on the list, I just thought it might be nice to see if they were still the most popular.

Disclaimer No. 2: I was not a member of the community when the article was published, so I do not know how the popularity was judged back then. I'm not saying the current article is bad, just thought an update might be nice.

Let me know what you think! Obviously, I have no way of doing this myself (I'm not a site admin or anything; I haven't even had an account for a year yet) but I'm curious to know what you all think!
Sounds like a good idea if other people are fine with it Smile

My favorite game right now is probably pac-man (always a good one) and my second favorite is flow CE
This is a great idea, thanks for bringing it up! I'd love to see some nominations here, and then if we get enough (especially those that are mentioned a few times), I can make another topic with a poll or add one to this topic. In addition, it's not Back-to-School time yet, but we're past due to refresh our Calculator Guide: https://www.cemetech.net/news/2018/7/905/_/back-to-school-2018-the-best-graphing-calculator-to-buy
I'm glad you like the idea! My top three favorites right now would probably be TITOL CE, Tiny Jumper, and Oiram or Geometry Dash.
Can the archives be sorted by rating?
TIny_Hacker: A good idea!
I just looked coincidentally yesterday to the article and was wondering about its age.
I think that such an article should be updated more often,
every year or at least every second year.
DAVID-19: I think that updating the article is a good idea!
tr1p1ea wrote:
Can the archives be sorted by rating?
Yes (including by category, e.g. TI-84 Plus CE programs).
Should there be a sidebar section with 'top rated' or 'most downloaded' programs visible on the site? Something that small but present for anyone viewing the homepage or forums?
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