I’m using ICE V2.2 and I have tried re-installed it a few times (just in case) and I have a Ti 84+CE. I’m able to display a sprite and everything and that works but the flip sprite is not working or I’m just not using it right. On the command list it says to do this: det(64,PTR_IN,PTR_OUT) so I have my defined sprite as C and the variable I want to be the flipped sprite E and I would do det(64,C,E) then I display E like I did C. It either resets my ram or just doesn’t work. Thanks (:
Did you allocate memory for it?

Epsilon5 wrote:
You need to allocate memory using DefineSprite() before scaling sprites. Allocate the data field by making a blank sprite and storing the pointer to it, then do what you tried earlier again. Or you could just use det(62 or 63.

I just realized that my first try with the flip sprite was det(64,C)->E instead of what I said above and I dont think I updated it after I figured it out haha. sorry for the brain fart. should I delete this post since it doesn't really help?
Don't delete the post; it may be help to others stuck on the same problem you had!
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