I just uploaded an update to my game, and while uploading the file, i also uploaded new screenshots. Instead of replacing the old ones, they just were added to the old screenshots/recordings and currently my file(which is pending review as of April 4, 2021) has 8 screenshots posted. I thought that was weird, so I decided to post about it.
I have edited your submission to fix this for you. I'll note here that this is the second issue in two days where a user has been confused by this functionality.

Here's my ten-minute mockup with a couple of major flaws, but the ideas are there.
To be clear: it is intended that you can specify more than four screenshots for a file, it's just a limitation of the current upload form that you can't add more than four at a time.
okay. thank you!
I suggest that the file updating feature should be changed a bit.
I mean particulary the uploading of new screenshots.
It would be easier if an user could simply overview all uploaded screenshots and simply replace or delete screenshots. (a maximum amount screenshots would be neccesary)

Like the updating feature works currently a user can not change screenshots of an old file version,
but it will be annoying if the outlooking of the (for example) program has changed much
and the old screenshots don`t fit to the current file version.

But the mockup of _iPhoenix_ looks already very promising!

EDIT: Yes, the screenshot uploading feature is VERY MUCH better now!
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