Happy Birthday RoccoLox Programs! You've made many cool programs this year and I look forward to even more Razz

Have fun!
Happy birthday! Hope today is filled with lots of calculator programming. Like TIny_Hacker said, I also can't wait to see what you have in store next. Smile
I`m not long at Cemetech and other calculator forums,
but I already know RoccoLox Programs.
Very nice programs (specially those written only in TI-Basic).

I am also looking forward to your future programs!

Happy birthday!
Happy birthday Roccolox!!! Love your ACT Helper!!! Razz Laughing Laughing
Happy Birthday Rocco! Thank you for your continued service as the Professional Cemetech Haunter and that color-palette-picker thingy, it's very useful for making program icons!
Happy birthday! Hope that you have a nice day Smile
How do you become an official cemetech ____ manager? Do you just have to be experienced?
Happy Birthday Rocco!
Happy birthday!
Yayyy happy birthday RoccoLox have fun haunting the people who make you cake! c:
Have yourself a happy birthday, Rocco! You should probably be looking at TLM to manage your cake. Will it be a SpongeBob cake? Batman cake? Upside down cake? Whatever you get today, hopefully it's delicious. Continue making your cool projects, from the color picker to pure Basic programs for calculators. Virtual hugs to everyone. Keep on keeping on! Mandatory quack.
Thank you all very much. I had a great day and it was definitely filled with calculator programming.
TaterTomorrow, it was an ice cream cake. It was very tasty.
Looks like I missed this earlier, but happy birthday, RoccoLox!
Happy birthday man, you've had a great influence on me and you've been very suuportive!

Have a happy birthday and many more!!! OwO

^ Yes I just OwOed. Idgaf.
Oh no! I missed it!

Still congratulations with your birthday anyway.

Better late than never...
Happy Birthday RoccoLox Programs! Have an awesome day with lots of programming and whatever you plan on doing! Very Happy
Happy Birthday RoccoLox!
yay!!! happy birthday, RoccoLox!!
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday! Hope you have an awesome day Smile
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