Hello, I would like to know how I can power my quantum super computer of over 500 Ti-84 CE calculators at my school with a nuclear reactor, To do this I need help answering a few simple questions. How does one acquire large amounts of Uranium 235 on the internet through means not linked to my identity / trackable by the government. How does one regulate how much power is generated so my calculators don't blow up or the reactor doesn't go critical? How do I dispose of nuclear waste without environmental agencies asking to many questions? Also, Of course without some hardware modifications I wouldn't be able to get much power out of my calculators even with downloading more ram. To overclock my cpu and due to the shortage of silicon chips in recent times, and also (mostly) so I can have a fully environmentally friendly setup I will simply be replacing the silicon chips with a new and smarter solution: pure einsteinium computer chips. They are very smart and quick chips, Einstein was in fact a genius! After that I will need to connect my calculators to the internet. I would like to use the entire internet as a training data set for my general AI. How can I modify the calculators and be able to connect to the internet? There is also a few more problem that needs to be solved for my plan to work out, The calculators needs more graphical power, Why? How can my computer effectively create a simulated reality if it has little to no graphical power. I would like someone to help me create and develop an einsteinium based 3090 graphics card for each of my TI-84 Plus CE calculators. If you help me I'll make sure the AI doesn't exterminate you and maybe even your family! I will also need to produce a custom motherboard and hook it up to the calculators to be able to effectively pair the graphics card, cpu, and finally the new ram going into my system. I would also like to know how I can effectively and cheaply produce DDDDRRRR++ 15000 Megapixel 10O TB ram sticks in groups of 4 for each of my calculators. Creating a General AI needs a lot of ram, as they say. The RAM on the base calculator wont cut it, even with overclocking. Anyway, That's all! Please get back to be ASAP with answers to my questions! I need answers by Friday so I can have the super computer running by monday with nobody at my school noticing! Graphing Calculator Graphing Calculator Graphing Calculator
Didn't someone already do this 2 years ago?
Yeah, this has been done before.
You know what they say - nothing new under the sun.
Einsteinium may not actually be your best choice, though....
Nobelium would be better. After all, geniuses get the nobel prize, so you would have the power of Einstein and a bunch of other people!
If you want to have large amounts of Nobelium without government interference, I recommend building a particle accelerator. They are a bit pricey, but if you make one from parts, you may only have to sell your house!
Connecting to the internet is the hardest part. No calculator has ever connected to the internet without blowing up. But with a few 6TB ssd drives, you may be able to run google chrome.
The graphics will not be an issue. A ti 84+ has just about enough resolution to display everything you will need.
I am also working on an AI, so if you need help programming, just ask me.
Here are a few useful websites I found to help you -


Best of luck to you!
I'll try and help as best I can:
To get a large amount of Uranium, I recommend you try your local Radioactive Materials Store. Mine sells it in bulk. If you don't have one near by, try https://downloadmoreuranium.com/isotopes/235/. Please be aware that you'll need to work fast, because Uranium-235 has a half-life of only 703.8 million years. If you're using the website I suggested, you'll need a VPN and some other stuff to be untraceable (somewhat), but you should be okay if you can get to the Radioactive Materials Store. To be on the safe side, I recommend a disguise like this. To check on your reactor and the calculators, I think you should check out SM84CE's awesome program here. Disposing of nuclear waste can be tricky, but thankfully I've done it before and can offer you some help here. First, dig a hole in your yard, then dump it in. If anyone asks what you're doing, tell them you're cleaning up after your dog or something. As for computer chips, I would make mine by hand. If you're looking to use Einsteinium, you can probably purchase it at the Radioactive Materials Store (please remember to wear the disguise specified earlier), but I'm not sure if it's publicly available anywhere else. Also, please keep in mind that this is mostly environmentally friendly, besides of course the disposal of nuclear waste which I spoke of earlier. Connecting to the internet isn't too tricky, but you'll need a fancy adapter. The adapter is quite expensive, but xkcd has a nice converter box which should do the trick for you. As for graphics, wavejumper is right. The CE is already quite powerful. However, if you insist, I would again recommend buying some more Einsteinium from the Radioactive Materials Store (REMEMBER TO WEAR THE DISGUISE! YOU COULD GET CAUGHT!) and manufacturing them by hand. As for the AI exterminating me and my family, I honestly don't care. I'd just warn you to make sure it doesn't exterminate you as well. As for producing those DDDDRRRR++ Megapixel 10O TB ram sticks, I've heard it's quite easy. You can make a machine to do it out of a few scraps of wood, two nails, a magnet, a AAA battery, and a hammer. (It works extra efficiently if you do this in the bath tub.) Here should be the answers to your questions, and good luck! It's surely a daunting project, but I'm sure you can do it! Send us some pics when it's done!

It appears that https://downloadmoreuranium.com/isotopes/235/ is down for the time being Sad
You'll probably have to use the Radioactive Materials Store. Just remember the disguise and you'll be fine! Smile
I`m just creating a fission reactor (works better than a normal reactor).
I`ll help you with building two chips -RAM and CPU- for your nice little project.
Both chips will orbit the earth like the moon does, but they will be of course bigger than the moon.
Data in the chips and between a chip and earth station will be transfered (teleported) faster then light:
this is possible trought new technology invented by me in my kitchen.
data teleportation works with quantum entanglement. More info: here

If my fission reactors are not powerfull enought, then use the complete sun as energy source:

else use a black hole as energy source (it will work longer than a dyson sphere):

Creating this mega AI really works!
I made something like your project in the middle of the Andromeda Galaxy!
I did not find anything interesting here.
Well, there are ever people who want even bigger projects.
Just Joking
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