Cemetech has launched an interim Minecraft server hosting MC 1.17.1 on a (nearly) brand-new map. It's been over two and a half years since we started the Cemetech Minecraft 1.13-1.16 server, and it's time for a chance. I and the other staff have noticed a steadily decreasing level of activity as people have gotten both bored of their existing builds and anxious to try a new version of Minecraft. Therefore, it's clearly time for us to give our userbase an opportunity to give Minecraft 1.17 a try. We've launched a Paper server using a map that I tested for a few weeks by myself, and I'm happy to say that quite a few members (LittleMoonBeam, ACagliano, Michael2_3B, and notipa, in order, at least) have already hopped on to start their exploration of the map and the new features. We're currently operating with an extremely minimal set of plugins, which will expand slightly as we bring this server up to roughly functional par with the previous 1.16 server.

It's likely that we will start with a larger, more developed map (e.g. with an actual spawn) for Minecraft 1.18, with its new cave features, map height, etc., but if popular demand is such, we may explore a way to preserve these builds/resources and bring them over to the 1.18 server, so don't hold back on joining up and giving Minecraft 1.17 a try. Also, as promised, we'll be providing a download of the Minecraft 1.13-1.16 overworld for those who would like to continue and/or save their builds from the last few years.

As always, join us on the server at mc.cemetech.net, and you can always request whitelisting on Discord. Please note that we're going to be particularly strict about whitelisting this time around, to avoid chaos in this interim phase: assume we will not whitelist random "friends" with no clear pedigree of maturity.
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