Adding a quote to a post causes the page HTML to become invalid:

<div class="middle-post post-body">
                           </span><div class="quote_name">   <span class="genmed"><b>commandblockguy wrote:</b></span></div><div class="quote">I'm thinking about changing this so that each hook is given its own appvar with a unique name (based on the hook ID), which is not deleted. That way, after a garbage collect, I just have to find the new location of each hook registered in the database, which is much simpler. The downside is that the appvars list would get cluttered, and also that people might delete hooks without knowing what they're for.</div><span class="postbody">
<br />
Couldn't you store all the hooks in a single AppVar and index them using the hook IDs?
<br />
I'm not sure how feasible that is, but it would prevent clutter in the AppVar list.                        </div>

The first </span> has no opening tag, and the final </div> tag does not match the <span> at the end of the quote.
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