Alvajoy123 wrote:
calclover2514 wrote:
Alvajoy123 wrote:
Does the font library only use .fnt files or it uses other types of font files such as .ttf?
why does the font library only use .fnt files?

It supports only .fnt files and .fon files.
A .fnt file is a single bitmap font, meaning that it contains the exact pixel data required to display the font.
A .fon is a collection of multiple .fnt files that can contain multiple font styles/sizes similar to .ttf, but still contains bitmap data.
A .ttf file contains vector data, meaning that instead of exact bitmap data, it contains the shape of each letter in a way that can be scaled (like a collection of .svg files), as well as anti-aliasing metadata. This would be very big on-calc, and rendering .ttf fonts at a decent speed would also be very hard.

That explains a lot. I still need to know how to convert .fon to appvars as for .fnt it works fines.

I need help with os_GetAnsData(); also known as os_RclAns();. This function returns a pointer (PTR) to where Ans data. *correct me if am wrong*. The ptr is a uint8_t. I want to get the chars from it the pointer.

How do I get the data (char) from the given pointer?

Mateo Helped me out. Thanks, Mateo.

I want to read appvars only with header(appvar data that starts with) "SCR.".
How do I make and read headers for appvars?
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