Does anyone know how to install Tilp on a raspberry pi 4? I want to use Tilp on my pi since computer access isn't convenient right now.
Download and launch this script on your raspberry, and make sure to follow the dependencies instructions:

Then it should work just fine
OK thanks.
Couldn't you just compile it from source?
CavesUnderscore wrote:
Couldn't you just compile it from source?

What do you think the script does.
Tilp2 is now on the Pi-apps store and is easier to install than ever and is amazing I might add to think a bunch of people on forum can build a better program than a multi million dollar company. Unsure
Where is the pi apps store? Also, can you upload apps via flash drive? My pi is currently not plugged into ethernet because I don't want to drag its monitor and mess of cords upstairs to the router.
Use this command
wget -qO- | bash
since you don't have internet use the
But it's kind pointless you still need internet so just download the tilp2 files onto your thumb drive and do it the normal way.
Where are the tilp2 files?
EDIT: I didn't realize that tilp didn't support the CE, is there any other program that does that?
TILP II certainly supports the TI-84 Plus CE / TI-83 Premium CE!
Ah, good. I was looking on the site for it, and the CE was not listed on the "supported calculators". I guess it just hasn't been updated in very long.
EDIT: I can't find it, is there a recent link to it? is the most up-to-date repo for it; I expect the script in Adriweb's post to do the trick for the most recent version.
sJRw: you'll probably save time by connecting your RPi to Internet and simply using the official generic build script linked by Adriweb Smile
If you start the SSH server, after installing it if your distro doesn't provide it out of the box, you'll reduce the need to use a monitor, keyboard, mouse.
Okay, an update: I did some more research, and in order to build tilp, the pi needs some commands like 'autoreconf' that are not installed, so it would be way easier to find the .deb somewhere than try to install the about fifteen commands in the .sh that the pi didn't recognize.
P.S. My dad doesn't want me to connect the pi to the internet, because then its use would have to be restricted and he would have to monitor it, so all the downloads have to be from the laptop and transferred via flash drive.
The installer script lists the packages you need to install to build the libti*/gfm/tilp - and then your package manager resolves their dependencies. One invocation - provided by the script - to make the install script not error out left and right because your RPi doesn't have the build dependencies.

I'm sympathetic to the constraints imposed on you, but the fact is that nearly all available DEB packages for libti*/gfm/tilp provide the 1.18 version, and TI-eZ80 series support is one of the areas which were improved since then.
IOW, all you'll get by using DEB packages is an outdated version, with known fixed bugs - and if you experience any issues, a request from me or anyone else to install libti*/gfm/tilp by compiling them Wink

EDIT: if parental control is that important to your father, then I think that he should be the one temporarily connecting the RPi to Internet, downloading security updates, installing the build deps and running the standard libti*+gfm+tilp install script. That's what would save the most time to everyone, especially yourself.
As previously said I would temporarily connect it to the internet install pi-apps with one a command and then install tilp by clicking yilp under tools menu and install the bing botta boom one command to install tilp. Very Happy
AFAICT from , the version packaged by pi-apps is not built from the development sources at + . Instead, it merely installs the tilp2 package, which is outdated on all released editions of Debian and its derivatives.
As a result, I recommend against using that method Smile
I suppose updating the scripts (if necessary) on OBS and periodically triggering a build, would be the least bad way to get recent Linux binaries...

Also, we could setup automated signed+notarized Mac builds for those interested, just like I did with the CE toolchain, on github actions...
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