I need help with the TI-82. Can someone help me?
Can you explain what you need help with. The better you explain your issue, the better we can help.
Hello, and welcome to Cemetech!

What sort of problems are you having? I do own a TI-82, but as dave1707 said we can't help you unless we know what you need help with.
I need help with my emulators they wont play my 82x programs and i have a rom
my Ti-82 is coming in the mail by this weekend
P.S. i am using windows xp Smile
Which emulator are you using? For the 82 I would recommend WabbitEmu - though I'm pretty sure PindurTI supports the 82 as well. VTI does too but not sure how accurate it is and there is also TilEm.

I don't think SC supports the 82.

Calcem https://www.ticalc.org/archives/files/fileinfo/48/4825.html
The emulator you linked only supports Windows 95/98. Use a better emulator.
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