I have programmed snake in TI-BASIC as seen below:

This is obviously painfully slow, so I thought to myself: why not program snake in C?...barring the fact that LogicalJoe already has Snake uploaded into cemetech archives...

But that's besides the point. I am still "Learning C" and I thought it would be a good start to program C without sprites or tilemaps yet: just take things one step at a time. Progress? Yep. I have successfully built an empty program with the name SNAKEC on command line and transfered it to my calculator. Razz

More progress coming very soon...

For those who are wondering what happened to SpherixC: absolutely nothing Razz
I have, however, copied MateoC's C Toolchain's example build on tilemaps and am now able to move around the tilemap. Go me!
You should upload that first snake game to the archives. It may be slow, but it looks pretty fun anyway.
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