There are many things about the Walmart Corporation that I don't approve of. Whether it be the slave labor from China, the destruction of small business, the sub-sub-par treatment of workers, or the political lobbying, I have always been suspicious of this corporation. Now I have a new, and even more profound reason to loathe them.

It is well known that the Waltons (the family that started Walmart) have their own secret bunker built to withstand a nuclear holocaust; the more fascinating part is what is within it. Stowed away behind the feet and feet of reinforced concrete is the most massive data storage center ever. It has more than twice the storage capability of ALL of the data on the internet. It has a full 460 terabytes of data storage there. Talk about big brother.

Considering there are around 300 milion people in the US, that amounts to approximately 3.58 KB per person.

Here's the article:
yeah, not a fan of Walmart here. I will pay a little more and go elsewhere for my products (need a great difference in price for me to go there). Another thing is they are non-union employees over there. Just my take on things.
I still find it amazing that they have that much "data" Exclamation
My first thought: there are far far far far more than 460 TB of data on the Internet. Razz Try something more like 5 PB.

Second thought: Who cares?

Third thought: Don't shop at Walmart just to be on the safe side. Evil or Very Mad
The fact that they have 460TB of storage just proves that they're geeks. We should support them and shop there. Smile

First Response: The article specifically said it had more than twice that of the internet. I'm not sure how they calculated that, but I agree that it sounds ridiculous. FileFront alone has multiple terabytes. In short, I agree.

Second Response: Still, it's a tremendous amount of data. I'd rather not live in a society where stores know more about me than I do.

Third Response: Smile
If I'm ever forced to buy from Walmart, I'll be sure to take the bus (so they don't get my license plate), wear a trenchcoat, fedora, and sunglasses (so they can't see my face/body/etc.), and pay in cash (so they can't trace me). Laughing
You'd better wear gloves or they'll be able to trace your fingerprints on the money. Cool
My cousing works at wal-mart (started as a cart attendant, now stocks shelves), and they really don't treat employees that bad. For example, when power was lost in the area for a couple of days (for some it was a couple of weeks), they paid him for the shifts he WOULD HAVE worked if the store had been open (its an older store without a grocery department, so it didn't have backup generators)

As for the size of the internet, I'd assume that the 230 TB they came up with isn't counting stuff like FTP and bittorrent, which would remove fileshack and other file hosting places from that size
So you say they probably just calculated documents, images, and web pages?

That might be it. They could'nt have added up less then at the very least 500tb with all the files out there and such.

But still, amazing story!

Why does'nt the government make one of those bunkers? Confused
Lol, I just found the official name of the walmart data bunker. It's called:

Area 71

Also, Walmart rips off the government with their healthcare system. They only provide 44% of workers health care, and the rest comes from tax payers dollars. That's terrible. I don't want my money going to Walmart, however indirectly.

Another United States-specific criticism concerns Wal-Mart's health insurance. According to an October 2005 article in BusinessWeek, Wal-Mart's health insurance covers 44% or approximately 572,000 of its 1.3 million U.S. workers. [34] In comparison, Wal-Mart rival Costco insures approximately 96% of its eligible workers. [35] Further, Wal-Mart spends an average of $3,500 per employee for health care, 27% less than the retail-industry average of $4,800.[36] Wal-Mart CEO Lee Scott acknowledged benefits could improve by claiming Wal-Mart employees can get better value from taxpayer funded health care than from Wal-Mart's own health plans, "In some of our states, the public program may actually be a better value"
Surprised . Ok not cool, first Target kicks the red cross off there property, and now Walmart is sponsering WW3!
Google Map of the Compound
swivelgames wrote:
Surprised . Ok not cool, first Target kicks the red cross off there property, and now Walmart is sponsering WW3!

I work at Target, and the policy is no soliciting by anybody - no excuses, and it makes alot of sense. First, some people might get anoyed at having people outside collecting donations (even if its the Red Cross or similar). Second, how do you determine who can and cannot collect? Its a sticky situation, so they just kick out everybody so that they don't have to play the games.
Google Map of the Compound

Notice it won't let you do maximum zoom on that area....
/me becimes suspicious...
Meh, I wouldn't get too suspicious about that. Try zooming in full in other areas far away. The only places that I've been able to *successfully* full zoom are in cities.
Yeah, it appears that the wal-mart bunker (and areas north of it) were photographed with a lower quality (probably older) satelite. Notice the quality difference between it and areas south of it
well personally i like walmart. Where i live walmart is basically the place to be because we do not have that many other places. and when i go there i like the selection of games that they have.
Yeah, the Walmart games section owns both EBgames and GameStop where I live. They suck with accessories, though...
Walmart is too far from me to shop at a lot, we have Meijer almost nextdoor it seems.
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