I am trying to create a program that outputs strings and variables, and I can't seem to find a os function that will let me print a variable.

To print a string, I use os_PutStrFull();

But to print a variable, I don't know what to use. Is there a function for printing variables? If so, then thanks for helping me out.
cout << variable?? Are you talking c++?
No, C. Calculator 84 CE C. C toolchain C.
Mateo con lechuga would be able to answer this.
You can use sprintf like it's shown in second_counter2:
void os_PutVar(unsigned int nmbr) {
   char str[10];
   sprintf(str, "%u", nmbr);
idk if that works, I didn't try it.Tried and works.

Edit: 50 posts! \o/
Thanks for giving me the idea to be able to turn a variable into a string. I don't know why I didn't think of that. I was able to use itoa();.
Apparently, itoa(); is not used in toolchain. I am going to do some more research, but so far I am not able to output a variable.
dunlavdy wrote:
I am not able to output a variable.

LogicalJoe literally just gave you the code to do so. What could you possibly be having trouble with?
So I pasted his method into my program, and when I tried to "make" the file, it told me:

Warning: No function prototype "os_PutVar" in scope.

Even though the function is clearly in the program.

(I am a newb with this stuff so I don't know why it is saying that).
You need to tell the system that the function exists like this:
void os_PutVar(unsigned int nmbr);
This is called a prototype, put it at the top of the file, in the "Prototypes" section if you are using the blank toolchain example.
Holy shoot I totally forgot. Thanks so much.
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