I think this has been mentioned on IRC before, but posting it here will hopefully revive the idea.
The ability to view the archives queue would be a nice addition to the site. It would be interesting to see what will be considered for the archives, and there's no reason not to add it because new archives uploads are already shown in SAX. That means this suggestion is just for convenience, rather than showing information that wasn't available otherwise.
Ehhh, I don't really see the point... There used to be a tab on the home page which would feature the 3 latest programs to be accepted into the archives but Kerm decided that nobody cared about that when they redesigned the site in like 2016-2017 or something. I'm still salty about that Laughing
Also the admins don't want you to think that they're lazy and can't be bothered to go through the archive submissions Evil or Very Mad
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