In what way should jsTIfied be embedded in forum posts?
Calculator screen, option to reveal keypad
 46%  [ 6 ]
Image + link to real jsTIfied
 23%  [ 3 ]
 30%  [ 4 ]
Total Votes : 13

Hello ladies and gentlemen!

The developers of jsTIfied, our online emulator for the TI-73, TI-81, TI-82, TI-83, TI-83+/SE, TI-84+/SE, and TI-84+CSE has thought about a way to eventually add embedded jsTIfied in posts. The format would be something like [jsTIfied][/jsTIfied] which loads a file from the Archives (in this case with ID 1481) into either an embedded jsTIfied, with an option to expand the keyboard and such, or into a link which directs you to the right page. As said, we could think of 2 main possibilities:

  • Replace the [jsTIfied] BBCode with only the calculator screen, which you can play with if you click on the screen (to focus) and hit the keys. At the bottom there might be a small arrow, which reveals a keyboard, file upload (and maybe skin?) to control more functions. A direct link to the real jsTIfied will be provided as well.
  • Just a jsTIfied icon + link to the real jsTIfied, which obviously redirects the user to jsTIfied. This is pretty much the same as using [url] and [img], for example like this: Click to test in jsTIfied.

Hereby we are asking the userbase of Cemetech, what they prefer and if this actually would be useful or nice to have. Throw your input in this topic!

Use jsTIfied
jsTIfied online graphing calculator emulator
PT_ wrote:
Hereby we are asking the userbase of Cemetech, what they prefer and if this actually would be useful or nice to have.

I personally like the idea of a screen embed with a button to show keyboard.

I propose the idea of having a shorthand (something like [jstified]1481[/jstified] or even just a link to the download page) when linking to files in the Cemetech archives would be super nice.

Maybe it could be a option to "show jstified embeds" as links or widgets in the user settings?
In the case of a project with multiple files, there should be a way to specify which file(s) get loaded in. It isn't always the case that only one file will be loaded, or all files. As well, cross-project references. For example, if my program requires DCS, I would want to load my program and subprograms, as well as DCS.
This literally is not helpful lol. I think everyone is imagining it as being a "code editor / tester", but it's nothing of the sort people. Please read the post again; I would much rather see improved jsTIfied functionality on many different fronts than this ability, but whatever.

I don't get the point of it being embedded; people can already have it be a [url]+[img] tag, so I really am not understanding the point of any of this to add a whole new tag.
worry: more jsTIfieds appear in a thread than actual substance. *IF* you decide to add this functionality, at least make it hidden by default in a spoiler-tag-esque way
Whoa, a post from Luxen! That's not something you see every day.

I'm more or less in agreement with MateoC; I feel like our dev efforts could be better spent on other things. In the past, I've tried forum integrations, for example making SourceCoder automatically post TI-BASIC source in a thread when people collaborating on a program updated the program. I don't think anyone ever actually used it, for all the dev effort I put in, and I'm concerned this would be very similar. I also happen to share Luxen's concern.
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