I am sad to say that last night, my beloved CE gasped its last breath, never to work again. For the past 3 days, my calculator's had some issues with the calculator freezing (none of the buttons worked). I hit the reset button, which did nothing, as the screen was still frozen after the reset I then held the reset button to turn it off (since none of the buttons worked, how else was I going to turn my calculator off). Couple of hours later, I would turn it on and it would be fine. This morning, the calculator was still frozen (i hit the on button to turn it on... only button that seems to still work, lol) when i turned it on.

My Mom finally gave in to buying tinspire cx off of amazon. She said this seemed to be kind of a hasty choice, so she told me to think on it for a couple of days, until i decided.

So what do you, cemetech, think? Should I go for the nspire? or a new CE? or downgrade to an 83+? ... or try to fix my ce?

Btw, my warranty expired just over a month ago.
Before I go into what I think you should buy, I want to ask a few questions.
1. Did you try reinstalling the OS?
2. Did you try running some Self Tests? (If your CE starts working again, at least run test 6 and 7)
3. Do you know what could've caused these glitches? (did you spill something on it?)

Since you just ran out of warranty, TI wont do a thing to help you fix it. I'd suggest opening up your calculator to see if you can spot anything obvious that could be causing these problems. (If it's water damage, you might be able to get your CE working fully again)

As for the calculator I suggest you get. If you want to keep programming BASIC, then the TI 84 Plus CE is basically your best option (or a TI 83 Premium CE Wink). If you want to go less recent, the TI 84 Plus SE is definitely the best monochrome TI 84 I know of.

If you want the best TI calculator, then I suppose you could wait for the Nspire CX II though with the rumors I've heard, it wont be that great of an upgrade over the Nspire CX. The Nspire CX is actually on sale on Amazon for about $89 witch I think is a pretty good price for what it is. So you can either wait for the Nspire CX II and buy that, wait for the Nspire CX II then buy the original Nspire CX (since the price will most likely fall), or you could buy an on-sale Nspire CX now.

If you want the best calculator out of all of them, I'd suggest the HP Prime G2. It's by far the most powerful calculator however it will take a week or two to ship since it's only sold in the Netherlands. You can buy a original HP Prime in the US though (I assume you're in the USA) It's still a big upgrade over the Nspire CX (and I don't think it's too far behind the Nspire CX II)
Obviously if you could fix the calculator on your own, that would be the best option, since the CE really is a good calculator.
That being said, it might not be worth fixing depending on what the issue is. If you've reached the point where you've decided to just get a new calculator, then I would say the model you should get depends on what you plan to do with it.
If you want to be using it for actual math (calculus, number theory, algebra, not just arithmetic and basic functions) then you will want to get something with a CAS. the HP Prime has one, so does the Nspire CX CAS. If you don't need more advanced features like calculating indefinite integrals/derivatives, expanding polynomials, limits, calculations involving ∞, etc, then any modern calcs should be just fine.
If you want to be using it for programming, then you will probably want to go with the CE or an older z80 series calc because they are very popular and therefore, getting support for them is easy. The CE can be programmed in C, assembly and basic (the TI-Python could probably add Python to that list even though its for the TI-83 premium CE and ICE if you want to count that in as well)

TheLastMillennial wrote:
(and I don't think it's too far behind the Nspire CX II)

The HP Prime G2 isn't going to be behind the Nspire CX II at all, in fact its specs should run laps around the Nspire CX II.
I would advise against waiting for the new generation of Nspires because they really aren't much of an upgrade at all and you would have to wait for over a month at best before actually getting your hands on one. It feels like TI has been taking tips from Apple by just increasing the number on the bezel and not really changing anything. The 2nd generation of Nspires feels like the difference between the iphone 7 and 8. I'm actually a little bit disappointed that after 8 years with no upgrade to the Nspire series, the best TI could slap together was a name change and the vague promise of "faster performance".
Having said that, I would expect the retail prices of the 2nd generation Nspires to be more or less the same as the current Nspires, so waiting for it might be worth it if you don't mind waiting a while.
I think you misunderstood my post, I meant to say that the original HP Prime wouldn't be too far behind the Nspire CX II. Of course the HP Prime G2 will be far faster. Smile
I fixed my CE... sort of. I took my battery out and put it back in as Mateo suggested in the SAX chat. That didn't work, so I took my back off the Ce, dusted it off a bit, and put the back back on. It worked, and since then its frozen twice.

Also apparently Mom did not order the nspire Sad. She changed her mind last minute and decided to give me the old ti83+. She took away my CE, so i recovered my CE from her and magically fixed it as described above. Let's hope my CE keeps on chugging.
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